Is Rick Astley Still Alive? Solving The Mystery Of Rick Astley’s Current Whereabouts

Is Rick Astley still alive

If you ever fell victim to the famous act of “Rickrolling”, perhaps Rick Astley’s name will strike a nerve and make you recall some unforgettable, yet terrifying memories.

For those wondering, Rick Astley is a musician and songwriter who is mostly known for composing and originating the soundtrack “Never Gonna Give You Up”, which was released in 1986. While the soundtrack received a positive reception due to how it was orchestrated and choreographed, all of its success was soon overtaken and reached new heights when the soundtrack became an internet meme.

Even though the musician remains an internet sensation to this day and will surely go down as one of the most influential memes of the 20th century, his current whereabouts are somewhat unknown.

On top of that, not so long ago, due to being away from the public eye, tabloids even released issues to announce Rick Astley’s passing; a stint that left fans feeling under the weather. However, although many companies released materials regarding Rick Astley’s death, not one issue seemed eligible enough to be credible.

Therefore, in today’s write-up, we will thoroughly carry out an investigation on Rick Astley and find out whether the meme-king’s death was scripted and a hoax, or a fact. Make sure to join us on this journey as we debunk this nail-biting allegation with facts and figures.

Rick Astley: Dead? Alive? Or Just Another Victim of A Cruel Death Hoax?

Rick Astley dead or alive

After carrying out a considerable amount of research, we are convinced that the English Musician turned viral sensation might still be alive. We also figured that it was just a “prank,” and that the internet phenomenon was just another victim of a celebrity death hoax.

The first issue was released around a decade ago, shortly after the passing of Michael Jackson was announced. While the latter report was unfortunately true, the former was a hoax.

Another issue was released pretty recently, about a few months ago, to be specific. However, that claim later turned out to be as inaccurate as the first one after a credible source revealed that Astley was indeed not dead, but alive, happy, and well.

On the other hand, in reality, the musician is very much alive, and active, too. Despite not working on new projects or a new album, Rick Astley is still working on his craft by working as a composer at the moment.

Furthermore, since the singer has already achieved enough success due to his one hit record, he has chosen to step away from the spotlight and spend time with his family. That move, while praised by fans, allowed multiple untrustworthy news companies to obtain their 5 seconds of fame.

In conclusion, Rick Astley is not dead. Sure, the musician hasn’t been talked about in quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean that he has passed away, nor does it make those that capitalized on that situation any less guilty.

How Rickrolling Went From Being A Harmless Prank To The Greatest Meme of All Time

Rick Astley’s soundtrack

Decades after its initial release, in 2007, Rick Astley’s soundtrack “Never Gonna Give You Up”, which was already the recipient of multiple accolades, became a fun means of carrying out harmless pranks amongst individuals and their friends. However, the popularity of the practical joke just increased in size with each passing day, eventually becoming a worldwide meme.

The internet meme got its first breakthrough when a user on 4chan posted a trailer of the game, GTA IV in mid 2007. Despite having actual clips from the game, the video also had a snippet of “Never Gonna Give You Up” and its chorus. While the initial title of the activity was dubbed as “duckrolling,” the name was changed to “Rickrolling” afterwards, in late-2007, partially due to the pun it contained.

Over the past two decades, rickrolling has been used rather frequently in the materials created by various industries. It was incorporated into a sensitive video to cover the explicit portions, was used on various tv shows such as South Park and Ted Lasso, and also reached another milestone during covid, when teachers as well as students used the content to trick their fellow colleagues and mates.

As of 2024, due to the popularity of “Rickrolling,” the music video of “Never Gonna Give You Up” has over a billion views. Taking into account the active nature of the meme, we believe the view count will only go upwards as the years pass by.

Overview and Mini Bio

Now that you finally know that the rumors surrounding Rick Astley and his passing were indeed inaccurate, here are some trivias and facts about the musician that will surely add to the relief and decrease a portion of the trauma that all the false claims must have caused you.

Name Rick Paul Astley
D.O.B February 6, 1966 (56 Years Old)
Sex Male
Occupation Musician, Songwriter, Radio Personality
Hometown Newton-Le-Willows, Lancashire
Height 5’9 (1.75m)
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth 16 Million USD
Spouse Lene Bausager (2003 – Present)
Children 1
Zodiac Aquarius
Alma Mater St Peter’s Primary School, Selwyn James High School
Years Active 1985 – Present

Born on 6th February, 1966, in Lancashire, England, Rick Astley always found comfort in the art of music. He started pursuing a career in music shortly after leaving highschool, by being a drummer for the soul band “FBI.” He rose to fame a few years later, with the help of Stock Aitken Waterman, a production company based in the UK. Through their assistance, he composed all the tracks for his 1987 album “Whenever You Need Somebody,” which comprised the revolutionary hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

In addition to topping multiple charts, the album as well as some of the tracks it consisted of won multiple individual accolades, including 1988 award for Best British Single.

Peaking in 1988, due to growing frustrations, Rick Astley decided to compose music of other genres that was ultimately released in the early 90s. In 1993, however, the artist announced his retirement to spend more time with his family.

A little over a decade later, in mid 2000s, Rick Astley rose to prominence once again, but this time as a viral internet meme, commonly dubbed as “Rickrolling.”

The popularity of the meme was receiving so much positive attention, that the artist decided to discontinue his hiatus and started headlining shows once again.

Over the past decade or two, apart from gaining over a billion views, his popular soundtrack “Never Gonna Give You Up” has also brought Astley tons of respect amongst his peers and a substantial amount of fortune. As of 2024, the net worth of Rick Astley is approximately $16 million (£13,246,720), which is no short of monumental.

After graduation, before taking the music industry by storm, Rick Astley worked as a chauffer in his father’s business, in addition to playing the drums for various bands, including FBI.

He currently resides in Molesey with his wife, Lene Bausager. He also has a music studio at home where he avidly focuses on improving his craft, and has an admirable collection of guitars.

Final Verdict

Overall, we hope this article relieves you of your worries regarding Rick Astley’s current status, as the meme-king and highest contributor of “Rickrolling” is still active and very much alive. We also hope you enjoyed learning more about his early life and were fascinated by all the trivias of his that were mentioned in this write-up.

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