Is Sal Vulcano Gay? Investigating The Truth

Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano, better known by his stage name Sal Vulcano is a stand-up comedian, actor, and producer famous for being an improvisational genius. Even though he struggled a bit during his early career, he has gained fame and fortune with hard work and perseverance.

Sal Vulcano, alongside his school friends Murray, Quinn, and Gatto, started their comedy troupe, The Tenderloins, in 1999. They mainly focused on producing various comedy sketches and posted them online on various video platforms like YouTube and Myspace.

In 2011, they started their show on TruTv called Impractical Jokers, which is still airing. Although Vulcano became a household name, he kept his personal life out of the public eye, which resulted in speculation about his sexuality.

Many people believe that Sal Vulcano is a closeted homosexual despite no evidence behind this allegation. Let’s investigate his private life to identify whether he is a heterosexual male or a homosexual.

Facts and Trivia about Sal Vulcano: Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign, and More!

Even though Sal Vulcano is one of the most famous comedians at this moment, he leads a very private life, and much information about him is unknown to the public. The box below will help you gather some information about him that might not have been privy to you before.

Full name Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano
Sex Male
Date Of Birth November 6, 1976
Occupation Comedian, Actor
Hometown Staten Island, New York
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m)
Weight 181 lbs (82 kgs)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Net Worth $7 million (estimated)
Years Active 1998 – Present

Is Sal Vulcano Gay? His Sexuality Revealed

Is Sal Vulcano Interested in Men

To understand the rumors behind his sexuality and identify his actual sexual orientation, we must understand where this speculation started. After identifying the origin of the story, we will get a better comprehension of the rumor.

You may not believe it, but all the speculations behind Sal Vulcano being gay started with his violation in 2014. In an episode of The Daytime Talk Show with Sally Jessy, Sal Vulcano stated that he is gay. That show really created a stir among the fans as everyone started to believe that information to be accurate.

Vulcano later said that he was not actually gay; rather, he made that statement so that his friend James Murray could get the courage to come out of the closet and announce his real sexual orientation to the public.

Alas, it was all a prank from the beginning, which was later found out as Murray is not gay; instead, he is interested in women and married Melyssa Davis in 2019.

In addition, Sal Vulcano is known for being great at improvisation, so it’s safe to assume that Sal Vulcano found that moment of the talk show an excellent opportunity to create a humorous situation.

We can assume that statement from the show was false, and he did not identify himself as a homosexual; somewhat, he was joking with his friend although he was on national television.

Is Sal Vulcano Married?

Is Sal Vulcano Married

We can understand his sexuality better by investigating Sal Vulcano’s personal life. Despite being a public figure for around 20 years, people know very little about his dating life or other information.

There is no information available about Vulcano’s love life that is verified, but there are some rumors about him being in a relationship for more than 8 years and married in 2019.

This speculation started from a Tumblr post where it was stated that Sal Vulcano was seen wearing a ring on his finger during a show, and while being asked about it, he replied that he married recently to a New York resident named Francesca.

This show was hosted in Boston, and the post elaborates that he was very happy about his marriage, and his talking about it in front of the audience showed his love towards his wife.

Even though there is no solid proof of their marriage, he talked about his engagement with Francesca in Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude show. Kelly Said that Vulcano and his fiance were the sweetest people, and Vulcano thanked him for his pleasant remarks.

While there might not be solid proof, we can still deduce from the other pieces of evidence that Sal Vulcano really married Francesca in 2019 and is spending a marvelous time with his family.

Sal Vulcano’s Net Worth

Sal Vulcano's Net Worth

Even though Sal Vulcano became famous later, that does not mean he has not earned enough money over the years. In our estimation, his net worth is around 7 million dollars.

Vulcano majored in finance to become an entrepreneur but started his comedy troupe alongside his school friends in 1999. They used to do live shows all around the country and upload them on various platforms like YouTube and Myspace. They still have their YouTube channel.

His show Impractical Jokers started in 2011, and it’s still airing. These are some of his biggest income sources. Alongside these, he appeared in numerous small movie and tv roles. In Addition, he regularly performs in various standup comedy shows in various clubs. The Tenderloins, his comedy troupe, still performs live shows from time to time.

These sources earned him the money very few can collect over their career.

Concluding Statement

After properly analyzing Sal Vulcano’s private and public life, it is pretty safe to say that he is not homosexual; instead, he is a heterosexual man who is interested in women. We have concluded by going through the incident that started this rumor and his dating life.

It’s true that Sal Vulcano stated on live tv that he was gay in 2014, but that was done in part of a sketch in order to troll his best friend, James Murray. None of them are gay; rather, they are close friends and interested in women, which can be seen in their dating life.

In addition, the evidence showcases that Vulcano was in a relationship with Francesca for around 8 years before finally getting married in 2019. Not only did he talk about it on a comedy show, but Robert Kelly also congratulated him on his engagement.

If he was interested in men and Robert Kelly had made a false statement about his engagement, he would have corrected him instead of thanking him.

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