Is Thomas Sanders Gay? The True Sexuality of Our Favorite Vine Star

Is Thomas Sanders gay

A question that lingers around the internet from time to time. Thomas Sanders has been the childhood favorite of many due to his creative and hilarious Vine reels from the past. I am sure most of us still come across some of his funny vine compilations compiled by his fans on Youtube.

However, most of us grew up from the days we used to do vines and watch them. Nowadays it is more about learning more about our favorite celebrities’ personal lives.

Hence, a lot of nowadays ask, “Is Thomas Sanders Gay?”

Now let’s talk about his sexuality, as of now, it is confirmed that Thomas Sanders is gay as he has confirmed himself in his video on Youtube called Having Pride which aired in 2017.

I guess that answers your biggest question, now I guess that should do enough to break the hearts of our straight female readers! Besides all that let’s dive deep into how Thomas Sanders managed to live his life with his sexuality and garnered a huge following.

Hence, if you are a Thomas Sanders fan, strap onto your seatbelts because we are going to dig in deep about Thomas Sanders personal life and notable achievements.

Is Thomas Sanders Gay? What is Thomas Sander’s True Sexuality?

Thomas Sander’s true sexuality

Thomas Sanders is homosexual as he has claimed himself in his video “Having Pride” that first aired in June 2017 on YouTube. He has made it openly clear that he is gay, not bisexual but a proud gay person. Even though he might have played a bisexual character in an episode of Sanders Shorts, he still claims to be fully gay.

Thomas Sanders is one of the few personalities online who isn’t afraid of being who they are. Hence, he has been the inspiration behind many of them coming out of their closets to their friends and families. Sanders has also been very popular among teens and young adults for his content supporting one’s true sexuality.

The American singer, musician, and actor are popular on all social channels across various online platforms. Despite having his involvement across so many social media, he still is never afraid to show his true sexuality and be a proud homosexual.

Through his social platforms, he is actively supporting the cause and LGBTQ. He even urges and motivates his followers to come out and be themselves in the face of society. It is no doubt that he has proven himself as an asset to the LGBTQ community and has been a role model for many.

Thomas Sanders Personal Life and Biography

Thomas Sanders personal life

Thomas Sanders was born on 24th April 1989 in Florida, U.S.A. He still lives in Gainesville where he was born and raised. He was a talented child right from the beginning.

He began singing in public and acting in middle school at Gainesville’s Kanapaha Middle School. He was adored by the local community for his performances in plays.

In high school, he began integrating acting and singing by performing in musical productions. Sanders later blended his Chemical engineering studies at the University of Florida with community theater, working from 2006 to 2015 at the Gainesville Community Playhouse.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering in 2011 from the University of Florida, he combined his day job as a manufacturing engineer at a pharmaceutical development company with his night job in theater.

He started his vine channel under the name Foster Dawg in 2013, in October he soon rose to fame as he had a total following of about 1 million on his Vine channel. He was flourishing in Vine until 2017 when the app had been shut down by Twitter.

However, by then he had already migrated to Youtube and was pursuing a serious career both as a content creator and in the theater. He is also known to sing a lot as he shares a strong passion for the art of singing.

As of now, not much is known about his partners, he is supposedly unmarried, and also there is no information out there about his boyfriend. He likes to keep his romantic relationship private even though his sexual identity is an open book to everyone.

Despite his sexual identity, Thomas Sanders grew up in a very catholic family. His parents who are both school teachers are very supportive of him and so are his siblings consisting of three brothers; Patrick, Shea, and Christian.

He came out of the closet to his family and friends way before he publicly announced his sexuality.

Here is a brief biography table to sum up his personal life and details.

Full Name Thomas Foley Sanders
Date of birth 24th April 1989
Age 33 Years
Profession Actor, Singer, and Songwriter
Nationality American
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Alma Mater B.Sc in Chemical Engineering
Marital Status Single
Religion Catholic
Birth Sign Taurus
Vine Alias Foster Dawg
Youtube Channel Thomas Sanders
Youtube Subscribers 3.89 Million
Net Worth $5 Million
Sexuality Gay

Thomas Sanders Notable Achievements in Life

The most notable achievement of Thomas Sanders on the internet was his identity as Foster Dawg in the app vine. His six-second comical and musical skits earned him the reputation of a fan favorite vine comedian. His identity was a huge hit across Youtube and other platforms. After noticing the fame and huge fanbase Thomas had garnered, he started making content beyond vine, on Youtube and Facebook as well.

His vine era content was widespread, to say the least, he had even won the favorite vine celebrity contest in 2014. He was credited as one of the most prominent viners of his time.

He soon rebranded himself as Thomas sanders across various social channels. By the time vine was shut down in 2017, he already was making content for Youtube.

His main YouTube channel where he now mostly posts content has about 3.89 million subscribers as of now.

Besides his major win in 2014’s vine awards. He had also been nominated for the Teens choice award once and had won 2 shorty awards and 1 streamy award for best Viner and YouTube comedian.

As a songwriter he has been known to release an EP in 2013 and an entire album in 2016, till now he has been releasing a lot of singles since his last album.

He had been active in his local musical theatre in Gainesville since his childhood. Thomas also tours through different cities in Canada and USA performing theatrical performances.

Thomas Sanders also has his own musical stage inspired by his vine era series called, Ultimate Storytime.

He has also made guest appearances in big time productions of Disney such as the Bizaardvark and Walk the park.

All in all, it’s safe to say he made big progress in his entertainment career so far.


That seems to conclude from our end all that was needed to answer regarding Thomas Sanders sexuality. As of now we just know that he is confirmed to be gay, however, there are no accounts of any of his previous or current partners. We all have it when celebrities get secretive don’t we?

Nonetheless, we hope you not only learned what you were looking for but also learned a great deal about all of our favorite vine stars. We hope this article has helped you to clear some of your doubts about his personal life.

If you want to read more celebrity gossip, be sure to browse through similar articles. We hope to see you again soon! Thanks for reading!

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