Is Tim Curry Still Alive As Of 2024?

Is Tim Curry still alive

When we think of Tim Curry, most of us think of his evil roles in Hollywood that include his portrayals of Pennywise, Long John Silver, and The Lord of Darkness. Although he has been the cause of nightmares of many of our childhoods, we still can’t help but wonder if he has been lost to the eternal world of darkness once and for all.

As of now, in 2024, it is safe to say that our childhood’s least favorite clown is still alive and well. He even celebrated his 76th birthday on 19th April 2022. All of this is confirmed by his management team, thus, do not buy into any hoaxes on the internet that says otherwise!

Now that we have answered a much lingering question of yours, how about we catch up on what he has been up to and recap some of his most notable acting roles, current condition, and his unfortunate stroke incident.

Latest Update on Tim Curry: Is He Alive or Dead?

Latest update on Tim Curry

‘’Is Tim Curry dead?’’ was one of the most asked questions on google after his stroke was made public in 2013, almost 10 months after he suffered it back in July of 2012. He was 66 years old when he had a sudden major stroke at the premises of his home in L.A. His family and friends kept the incident under the radar for as long as they could.

The Incident that took place on Thursday night left him rendered unable to speak for some time (a common side effect that takes place after a major stroke). The worst part of all of it was that he was left unable to walk and is reportedly still reliant on using his wheelchair to make appearances to the crowd.

As heartbreaking as the incident was, Tim Curry’s classic light-heartedness and humor aided him on his way to recovery. Tim Curry claims that maintaining his humor even in tough situations comes naturally as it is a part of his DNA.

All in all, we all should be pleased to know that the man of our nightmares during our childhood is still alive and well and cracks jokes when he can to keep his spirits up and forge his way to recovery!

Hence, we urge you to not believe those lies or hoaxes about Tim Curry’s death on social media as we believe recently there has been a rumor circulating. However, we assure you that Tim Curry is alive and well as confirmed by his Management team!

How Did His Stroke Affect His Career in 2012?

As prominent and active as he was in Hollywood, the test of time and the unpredictable nature of life did affect his career by a long shot after his stroke. Although he had been recovering and even got back his voice after some time, he still could no longer walk again.

Even still, he didn’t take long before returning to voice acting back in 2014 in Cartoon Network’s Over Garden the Wall TV mini series.

Tim Curry had also made numerous appearances in screenings of his films where he voice acted, fan gatherings, and award shows. Even while in a wheelchair, the legendary actor does not hold back in lighting up the atmosphere with his humor! Due to his restriction in movement, most of his work had shifted to voice acting after his stroke.

What is Tim Curry Currently Up To?

What is Tim Curry currently up to

In terms of his acting career, as of 2024, Tim Curry had been cast as the Narrator of John Wolfe’s upcoming work the ‘’Fork’’ and he is rumored to be the voice actor behind Necrofer the Death Bringer in Dagon: Troll World Champions.

Due to his extremely private life, not many know about what he has been up to these days. He is also known to not personally use any social media, thus, it indeed is quite difficult to get recent updates on this man. He is also not seen publicly as much as one would expect for obvious reasons.

Also, if any of you are still wondering if he had finally married, well, it’s safe to say he hasn’t yet. Oh and for all the paparazzi hunters out there, sadly there is no recent spicy news about Tim’s private life as of now.

Moreover, if any interested readers want to catch up on his latest projects and merch releases, be sure to check out his social media channels and website run by his management team.

His Personal Life and Biography

Tim Curry personal life

Not much can be said about his personal life. He is known to have not married, although he did mention he ‘almost was’ married to someone in an interview years back. He also reportedly has no kids, and no one can be sure if he is seeing someone currently due to his private life.

As of updates on Tim’s family, sadly none of his first blood family members are alive. His father, James Curry, who was a methodist Royal Navy Chaplain, died at the age of 45 when Curry was just 12 years old.

His Grandfather was also in the navy and his great grandfather was a miner and a builder.

His mother, Maura Patricia who used to be a school secretary passed away in 1999 due to cancer. His only sibling, Judith died 2 years after their mother’s death due to a brain tumor.

He reportedly has a nephew and two nieces. Not much is known about them due to Tim Curry’s nature of keeping his own life and his loved ones’ lives extremely private.

However, we should always appreciate how amazing he is for rightfully conjuring so much fame and popularity all over the world by his talent alone!

Brief Biography Table of Tim Curry:

Details Specifications
Stage Nаmе Тіm Сurrу
Full Nаmе Тіmоthу Јаmеѕ Сurrу
Gеndеr Маlе
Аgе 76 уеаrѕ оld
Віrth Dаtе 19 Арrіl 1946
Віrth Рlасе Grарреnhаll, Wаrrіngtоn, UK
Zodiac Sign  Aries
Nаtіоnаlіtу Вrіtіѕh
Неіght 5 Feet 8 Inches
Wеіght 72 Kg
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ Ѕіnglе
Children None
Current Partner Not Known
Current Home Los Angeles
Alma Mater University of Birmingham, Combined BA in English and Drama
Рrоfеѕѕіоn British Actor and Sіngеr
Current Nеt Wоrth $15 mіllіоn

Some of Tim Curry’s Notable Roles in Hollywood

Tim Curry’s first full-time role was in the cast of a Musical called ‘’Hair’’ in 1968. He is a British actor, singer, and composer and is renowned for his work in a diverse plethora of theatrical plays, films, and TV productions.

Most of his acting portrayals were of villainous roles, one of his most notable portrayals being the terrifying clown, Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT, in the 1990’s mini-series.

Other notable villainous roles include the Devil himself in the film Legend (1985). He was also Long John Silver in the popular The Muppets Treasure Island (1996).

He also did not hold back when it came to voice acting in famous animated movies and series. One of his most notable ones is the voice behind Captain Hook in Peter Pan and the Pirates, for which he even won an Emmy.

He also was cast as Forte in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. He also voiced Darth Sidious in the popular Star Wars TV animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2013).

Tim Curry’s first-ever prominent role was his portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the 1975 cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The popular musical was his stepping stone towards success.

He also  thrived in his theatrical career by playing on the stages of NY and London in casted roles in ‘’The Pirates of Penzance’’, ‘’Travesties’’, ‘’Love for Love’’, ‘’The Art of Success’’ to name a few.

He has received 2 Tony award nominations in total for the best actor category and even won the Royal Variety Club award as ‘’Stage Actor of the Year’’.

As a singer and composer, he still did not hold back from touring the US and Europe with his band and going as far as releasing four albums on A&M Records. His unique voice can be heard on a lot of audiobooks and he still is continuing to narrate and voice act over many coming movies, series, and such. 


That just about wraps all that we had in stores regarding your query, ‘’Is Tim Curry still alive?’’. We are glad to have debunked any hoaxes or rumors that might have resulted in you Googling this question in the first place.

We surely love Tim Curry and we are looking forward to his projects in the future! Nevertheless, stay tuned with us for more celebrity updates!

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