Is Vanessa Bryant Pregnant? We Uncover the Truth Behind the Rumor

Is Vanessa Bryant pregnant

After the passing of our favorite basketball star, nothing has been the same. And certainly, life hasn’t been the same for Late Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant.

Losing her daughter and her husband must have had a severe toll on her and she was not seen out in public for a long time ever since the unfortunate incident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kobe and his family. And as a means of the late legend’s passing many people have taken an initiative to come up with rumors about his wife, Vanessa Bryant.

We are all about celebrity gossip but we still believe these rumors are just a stretch. Hence we have catered this article to those who are confused about the recent rumors about Vanessa Bryant’s pregnancy.

No, she is not pregnant at the moment, she has gained weight but there is no indication of it being pregnancy. Although some news media knew it wasn’t the actual case they still decided to publish articles that claimed false information about the late legend’s wife.

As of now, Vanessa Bryant is healthy physically but the same can’t be said about her mental condition. This article will focus on her growth and struggles with losing her husband and give our audience a little more information about her.

Is Vanessa Bryant Pregnant? Or Did She Just Gain Weight?

Vanessa Bryant weight gain

Vanessa Bryant is by no means pregnant no matter how many news media may try to sell the story. It was confirmed that she indeed is not pregnant and her little weight gain was rather exaggerated as such.

Vanessa hasn’t been seeing anyone ever since the passing of Kobe Bryant and it is safe to assume she still is mourning the loss of her husband and daughter.

However, despite her trying to move on with her life, we believe she would like to stay away from media presence.

There has been concern by various sources that she gained a little bit of weight which is why many people have mistaken her bump as a sign of pregnancy.

She undoubtedly must have had a really hard time coping with her losses and raising her children alone.

Hence we believe it is best to leave the rumors to rest for one and all. Vanessa surely has better things to worry about rather than having her name dragged around in the name of fake and unreliable news.

Thus we urge any fans of Kobe and Vanessa to not give in to the rumors that suggest she is expecting. She is still going strong at being a single mother and handling her kids.

Vanessa Bryant’s Personal Life and Biography

Vanessa Bryant's Personal Life

Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta were born in California, Huntington Beach on May 5, 1982. She is a renowned American philanthropist and a model.

She is of Irish, English, Mexican, and German descent. She had been appraised for her work as a model and even showed up in music videos of big-name artists like Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Pharell Williams.

She graduated with honors in the year 2000 after which she got married to Kobe Bryant on 18th April 2001. She was just 18 years old at that time.

Together they welcomed their first daughter, Natalia Diamante on 2003. On May 1, 2006, she welcomed her second daughter Gianna Maria-Onnore.

In 2007 She and Kobe started their foundation called the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant foundation where they pledged to provide scholarships to minority college students. However, this foundation eventually stopped operating and was the founding vision for the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation, a dedicated NGO to help the potential unrecognized young athletes create a positive impact in their lives through their talent.

She is also the president of Granity Studios.

After their two daughters, Kobe and Vanessa went through a rocky relationship where they had to file for divorce and have joint custody over their children. However in 2013, their divorce was called off and later they welcomed two more daughters, Bianka Bella and Capri.

Kevin and Vanessa Bryant’s relationship was complicated throughout the years but they always found their way out.

Vanessa’s life was not easy, to say the least. It was also reported that many family members of Kobe himself did not approve of the marriage between them back in 2001. To that Kobe responded that it was because of Vanessa’s Hispanic ethnicity.

She had previously suffered a miscarriage in the year of 2005 due to an ectopic pregnancy. However, she suffered her biggest loss in life when she had lost both her husband, Kobe and her second daughter, Gianna in a helicopter crash near Calabasas, California on Jan 26th, 2020.

Although Vanessa’s life after marrying an NBA star was changed forever, her decision was overwhelming for her first where she was flooded with the media and paparazzi so much that she preferred to stay out of public. However, with time she embraced it and started attending events with Kobe and important games and openings.

Although it brought her many opportunities in her career, it also made her susceptible to many scandals and controversies which we know she didn’t like to have faced.

Vanessa Bryant has an elder sister, who is known as Sophie. Her mother’s name is Sofia Urbeita and her father’s name is Stephen Laine.

Vanessa was opting for modeling way before she had even met Kobe. Kobe and she met through shooting for a music video of the song “G’d up” where she was staging as a backup dancer.

She was even in music videos of big-shot artists like Snoop Dog and Krayzie Bone. After her marriage to Kobe, she was more focused on being an NBA-star personality although she was reclusive to the idea at first. She later became the founding member of Granity Studios.

How Has She Been Coping After Kobe’s Loss?

It’s been almost 2 and a half years since we all lost Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. The loss of her husband and daughter hasn’t been easy and she since has been left widowed, raising her three kids, Natalia, Bianka and Capri all alone.

She has been trying her best to stay strong for herself, and her daughters and once quoted to the media, “I can’t say that I’m strong every day,  I can’t say that there aren’t days when I feel like I can’t survive to the next.”

She does what she can to keep herself occupied with philanthropic work and is not seen out in the public as frequently as she once used to. She renamed the foundation she and Kobe found Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation and repurposed it to support poor child athletes.

Despite being nose-deep into distractions she still struggles to move forward on some days but she claims she does it nonetheless, to make the days ahead better for her and her children. She knows her family won’t be the same again with the loss of Kobe and Gianna, but as the sole guardians of her kids, she’s ready to do anything to keep them together and promise better lives for her children.

As of now she isn’t seeing anyone and is probably not going to anytime soon. She is still doing her best to be there for her kids and still mourns the loss of her husband. We wish them well for Vanessa and send us our thoughts and prayers to her and her family.

Here is a brief biography table of Vanessa Bryant:

Birthday 5th May 1982
Full Name Vanessa Laine Bryant
Spouse Late Kobe Bryant
Siblings Older Sister, Sophie
Sex Female
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Birth Place Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A
Children Natalia, Gianna (Late), Bianka and Capri
Marital Status Widowed
Net Worth $600 Million


It is no doubt Vanessa hasn’t been having it easy raising three of her kids alone as a single mother, on top of grieving for her husband and daughter, we should really think it through before we decide to believe on false hoaxes.

Vanessa Bryant is amazing as who she is and her influence on the NBA world and her philanthropic nature makes her stand out as one of the most loved NBA sweethearts we ever could have known.

We all wish well for her and her family and pray that she does not get subjected to exploitive news article content to further take advantage of her losses.

That will be all from us on this article, we hope we have cleared your doubts on the hoax that Vanessa Bryant is indeed not pregnant, but rather has gained some weight.

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