Is YNW Melly Still Alive? Latest Murder Trial Update In 2024

Is YNW Melly still alive

If “Murder on My Mind” is the first thing that pop up when you hear YNW Melly’s name, then you’re in for an ironic treat in this article! Because this man has given birth to a lot of controversies in his short career span, among which is murder charges stand out the most than anything else.

This rapper has been detained in prison and his solid fan base often checks on him regarding the progress of his murder trial. Many speculate this is going to be a life sentence, but there’s no certainty to such claims.

Many even believe that this young rapper has been given the lethal penalty already but the public aren’t aware of it yet. Among such confusions, fans are pouring over the internet to ask only one question: Is YNW Melly Still Alive?

The short answer is, yes, he is still alive. But why exactly is that fear? Did he actually commit such heinous crimes to deserve this fate? Our article uncovers every bit of the story and presents in front of the audience while keeping in focus the current condition of YNW Melly – whether he is still alive or not!

Who Is YNW Melly?

Who Is YNW Melly

YNW Melly’s rapper name often gets stuck in typing filter because the YNW part stands for Young Nigga World. With the original name Jamell Maurice Demons, this rap artist was born on May 1, 1999 in Gifford, Florida, U.S. In an interview with Billboard, Demons stated his origin, where he was born and how he was brought up.

This American rapper has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Juice Wrld and 9lokkNine, among which one has passed away and another imprisoned for seven years in federal prison, leaving out Kanye the only clean artist among the group.

Although Demons rose in fame with solo songs or feature music with prominent artists, he managed to release his first studio album up to now titled Melly vs. Melvin. The struggles behind the release were visible due to Demons’ imprisonment at that time (more on that later). But against all odds, he managed to release it in December of 2019 with it peaking rapidly at number 8 on Billboard 200.

Despite the success of his career, Demons suffered poverty in his early life and scrambled for a certain amount of time. His mother, Jamie Demons-King, raised him single-handedly since his father abandoned her before he was born.

Demons-King was brave enough to go through with his birth only at the age of 14, but survival seemed very difficult in the face of reality. She had to relocate to the more underprivileged area of Gifford to afford the living cost there.

Life Summary

YNW Melly life summary

His early life struggles give us an insight to his becoming that we can see in the current day. Due to a severe financial crisis and being brought up with an identity crisis as well as abandonment issue, Demons believed the society owed him, and that he was to take back what is rightfully his.

With such notions in mind, Demons joined one of the most infamous gangs in the history of New York city named the Bloods. He was very young at the time and couldn’t tell wrong from right. Only positive thing about him was that he started writing his own songs, recorded them and uploaded them on SoundCloud platform.

But the good was soon overshadowed with negativity. His first arrest was made because of shooting at some students around a school area. He spent his first prison time of one year with charges of battery, aggravated assault and opening fire in public.

He was out on probation after serving his time, but was soon brought back again due to violation. This time it was for a few more months in prison until he was released in 2018. While all these went on, Demons kept working on his music as well, for which critics regarded him as someone with great potential to become a musical legend one day, if he can keep clean.

Murder Charges

This cat and mouse with the cops went on in Demons’ life throughout the years of 2018 and 2019. He was arrested a couple more times for possession of marijuana and other illegal drugs as well as ammunition or a gun by a convicted felon. In February 2019, Demons was arrested for a double murder that shook the entire pop culture world!

Back in October 2018, Demons’ fellow rappers YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy from his same organization had been shot fatally in what seemed like a drive-by shootout. It was deduced by the law enforcement authorities that this entire incident was perpetrated by Demons and his companion YNW rapper Cortlen Henry.

While these had been circulating on the news, Demons turned himself in to the authority stating that he had nothing to do with the murder. He pleaded not guilty to the court and his case is still awaiting trial while the accused await in Broward County Jail, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. for a verdict.

Is YNW Melly Dead?

Is YNW Melly dead

All the details that you’ve read above were necessary to reach this point where we finally ask if YNW Melly is dead or alive. As we’ve pointed out, Demons had been imprisoned right before the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of 2019. This is vital information, because from prison his words reached out to the judges to temporarily release him stating he was COVID-19 positive in early 2020.

TMZ had picked up on this news and spread the cries of this rapper to his adoring fans. Demons’ words sounded like he was dying from COVID-19 and without getting released he was certain to pass away.

The authorities denied his motion and he has been kept in prison ever since. From this point onward, the fans tried to check on his condition but failed continuously. This was the first instance where everyone thought Demons was dead, thus was the surge of this question: is YNW Melly still alive?

This question further marinated itself and took a new form when his murder trials kept pushing back. Many speculate that this talented artist has died already and the authorities are looking for ways to cover it up. But in actuality, he is still alive in his prison cell.

But should the trials prove him guilty, there’s a 50% chance of him facing lifetime imprisonment, and the rest of 50% suggests a death penalty. If that happens, our positive answer will have to rectify itself.


Given below is a brief overview of YNW Melly’s life details for everyone to gain a comprehensive idea about this rap artist.

Original Name Jamell Maurice Demons (aka Melvin)
Rapper Name Young Nigga World Melly
Date of Birth May 1, 1999
Place of Birth Gifford, Florida, U.S.
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 68 in (173 cm)
Net Worth $4.54M
Current Location Broward County Jail, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.


This double-murder suspect yet talented rapper YNW Melly’s deeds have been picked up by the likes of CNN as well due to its impact on the musical industry. Although it may not have been proven yet about the degree of his participation in the murder, it’s almost certain that he had a major role to play in it.

It’s a shame that such brilliance has been in vain due to all the wrong choices in the early stages of life. We shouldn’t solely vilify this individual for his alleged crimes, rather take lessons for ourselves so that we don’t make the same mistakes in our lives as well.

To restate the purpose of this article, if you’re still looking for the answer to this question: is YNW Melly still alive? The answer is, yes, but for how long, no one can reassure you about that. His life right now has become like Schrodinger’s cat in prison, alive and dead at the same time until his trials are held and finished.

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