Is Zendaya Pregnant? Let’s Find Out The Actual Truth With Evidence

Is Zendaya Pregnant

Our sweetheart Zendaya is simply adored by not only her fans, but also the cameras of gossip websites. Her every single action is interpreted & often misinterpreted to make meaning out of, to get an insight into the personal matters of her life.

After one such occasion, social media has seen a landslide of news articles and videos asking this question: Is Zendaya pregnant?

Since her romantic involvement with Marvel’s Spider-man co-actor Tom Holland that they recently admitted to in public, People Magazine has investigated their off-screen chemistry to find out that they’ve been attached since 2016 during the shoot of Spider-Man Homecoming!

The rumors around Holland and Zendaya came true, that they’re dating and Zendaya’s Instagram posts further solidified this speculation. But now comes the moment of truth for the burning question of whether Zendaya is expecting a baby.

The direct answer is: NO, she is not! Let’s dive into how we’ve reached that conclusion, and what gave birth to such rumors to begin with!

“Is Zendaya Pregnant?”: Why Such A Rumor?

A rumor

Zendaya’s pregnancy rumor has been circulating for quite a while on the internet. It spread out so much that even the likes of The Sun had to address it after public demand rose to a supreme height.

This rumor initially began with Zendaya and Tom Holland’s dating announcement. Their little interactions had been highlighted to speculate if they were hinting at something. They clearly didn’t indicate anything ever in public, but the hoax-preachers weren’t discouraged at all.

Starting from this TikTok video, that morphed Zendaya’s belly with Photoshop to look like she’s pregnant with a baby ignited the bonfire of fake news. It also claimed that Zendaya had a gender reveal party for their baby.

Regardless of the authenticity, news articles and youtube videos piled up on it with similar claims that took this rumor to a new level. One Youtube video went so far that it stated not only Zendaya was seen with a pregnant belly, she even announced publicly that the father of the baby is Tom Holland.

Since these two have always been seen as the romantic duo both on and off-screen, and their sweet gestures often leave the fans mesmerized with adoration & appreciation, thus these rumors were able to find the wind to turn into an avalanche.

Zendaya was seen in public on numerous occasions after the hoax news, and she seemed nowhere near pregnant and looked more gorgeous than ever! After the recent success from Dude with Timothee Chalamet, she’s working on Dune II, Call Me By Your Name, Guardians of the Galaxy and two other projects side by side, without any hint of taking a break soon.

Her proactive involvement with upcoming films, zero public announcement, no baby-bump or even slightest hint could be found that supports the ridiculous question “is Zendaya pregnant?” So dear readers, you won’t be celebrating Tom & Zendaya’s baby anytime soon.

Biographical Overview

Wanna have an overall overview of our beloved actress & singer Zendaya’s personal life? Then look no further than a couple of scrolls below!

Full Name Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Musical Genres R&B, Pop
Height 69 inches (175 cm)
Weight 130 lbs
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Net Worth $15M
Owned Dog Name Midnight (Schnauzer breed)
Favorite Crush Channing Tatum
Meaning of ‘Zendaya’ Gratitude (Zimbabwean Shona language)

Relationship With Tom Holland

tom holland relationship with zendaya

Zendaya’s relationship announcement and the following publicly made posts with Tom Holland has to some extent contributed to people asking “is Zendaya pregnant”. The posts are adorable to look at, but scammers tend to make the worst out of even the cutest situations.

For instance, Zendaya and Tom Holland spent Tom’s birthday together very recently, and Zendaya posted an intimate & sweet picture of them together. This made the curious minds ask if these two are married or engaged in secret.

Such questions and assumptions worked as a fuel behind Zendaya’s pregnancy claim. TikTok video content creators actually went to the extent of editing Zendaya’s photo to validate such claims.

If you are still wondering, the answer is still NO, they are not expecting & no such claim or hint has been dropped from them about their marriage.

Zendaya’s Magnificent Career

If you didn’t know already, Zendaya’s full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, and she started her acting career with Disney’s Shake It Up back in 2009, which received huge positive acclaim by the audience.

You might be surprised to learn that she published a promotional single song named “Swag It Out” in 2011. Since then, she had six of her songs making it to the Billboard Hot 100, with a peak ranking of 53.

Alongside her music career, she made her film debut with Spider-Man Homecoming teaming up with Tom Holland where it all began. Apart from their chemistry, her individual performance has been able to satisfy the critics and create millions of fans worldwide.

For her achievement and impact on her fans, Times Magazine has named her in the Time 100 list of most influential people in 2022. And in her personal life, Zendaya sings & dances in her leisure times and finds joy in designing clothes.

From kids to adults, voice-acting to on-screen performance, television show to musical productions – Zendaya has received awards or nominations on all of these fronts. These numerous appreciations show how talented Zendaya is, how ridiculous it is to keep on trying to tie false rumors with her personal life.


Being a public figure will always mean having to deal with such rumors every now and then. Right now, Zendaya and Tom Holland are the hottest topic for gossip due to their extended fan base, supreme performance in films and the most adorable couple posts on social media.

Zendaya has always been highly supportive of Tom even in public or talk shows, and the rumor-makers hopped on the Chinese whisper train to make a big & shocking news out of something non-existent.

We, as fans and admirers should only hope for their happy future together, and even if she should become pregnant, let’s not start asking around “is Zendaya pregnant?” to encourage such hoax creators, but rather wait for them to make the announcement when they feel it is right.

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