Jeannie Mai Net Worth 2023: Evaluating The Wealth and Assets of The American Beauty Guru

Jeannie Mai net worth

American stylist and television host Jeannie Mai has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Although Jeannie first rose to prominence due to her career as a stylist, most notably for Toronto based American cosmetics manufacturer, MAC, a fair share of Jeannie’s fame was generated due to her collaboration with renowned celebrities.

On top of being one of the better television hosts in this day and age, Jeannie Mai is also known for her entanglements. When both of the previous topics aren’t in the mix, she’s mostly known for all the fortune she has made throughout her career.

Currently, her net worth stands at a blossoming estimate of $4 million! If you’re wondering just how she managed to generate such a huge amount of wealth, make sure to join in and stick around until the end as we handle all your queries regarding Jeannie Mae and her lavish lifestyle!

Assessing Jeannie Mai’s Alluring Net Worth Using Facts and Figures

Jeannie Mai’s alluring net worth

Since Jeannie Mai started her career in 1998 as a stylist for MAC Cosmetics, the current net worth she has isn’t necessarily something out of the ordinary.

Mai worked as a trainer during her first few years and only preferred taking face to face appointments throughout that time. However, due to her unparalleled talents as a stylist, Jeannie soon started travelling and collaborating with A-list celebrities.

While no list was officially unveiled to the public eye, it is believed that Jeannie achieved her first breakthrough as a stylist when she exclusively started working for Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys as their personal stylist. Additionally, she was also the celebrity-makeup stylist for television programs Total Request Live, KCAL, and Good Day Sacramento.

In addition to being a makeup artist, Jeannie Mai has also been a television host since 2003. She kick started her career as a television host by co-hosting the American magazine-style show Stir, but soon found herself in the spotlight by taking up hosting roles for the USA Network, WB, TLC, E!, NBC, and so on.

She also hosted beauty pageants and was the frontline presenter on Miss Universe, 2011, and a fashion consultant on well known American weight-loss competition, The Biggest Loser.

Over the past decade, Jeannie was also featured on Dancing with The Stars as a competitor, co-hosted the series Style Pop, and was even the co-presenter of the daytime talk show The Real.

Additionally, Jeannie also had her own tv show titled “How Do I Look” which ran on Style Network from 2004 to 2012 for 12 seasons, and later picked up by Asia’s Diva Network in 2016. While the makeover show wasn’t hosted by Jeannie herself, the procedure and the makeover was directly under the authority of the American Beauty Guru.

Taking into account every event she has hosted on top of being a well known celebrity-makeup artist, it’s evident that the entertainment host does indeed have a net worth of $4 million. It is also safe to assume that she earned every penny and that her fortune will only increase due to her current deal with commercial network, ABC.

Exciting Trivial Details Of American Fashionista and Cosmetologist, Jeannie Mai

Now that you know how the trendsetter of fashion Jeannie Mai earned all her assets, here’s a table full of trivial facts regarding the American megastar! Did you know that Jeannie Mai is a germaphobe? If not, make sure to skim through the segment below!

Name Jeannie Mai-Jenkins (born Jeannie Camtu Mai)
Also Known As Jeannie Mai
D.O.B January 4, 1979 (43 Years Old)
Sex Female
Ethnicity Chinese, Vietnamese
Hometown San Jose, California
Height 5’3 (1.72m)
Spouse(s) Freddy Harteis (m. 2007; div. 2018), Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins (m. 2021 – present)
Children 1
Notable Clients Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Osborne
Net Worth 4 Million USD
Zodiac Capricorn
Alma Mater Milpitas High School (California, US)
Occupation Makeup Artist, Television Host, Stylist
Years Active 1998 – Present

Intricate Details Regarding Jeannie Mai’s Formative Years: Birthday, Age, Spouses, and More!

Jeannie Mai was born on 4 January, 1979, in San Jose, California, USA to parents Olivia and James. Her father is Chinese, while her mother is Vietnamese.

Prior to becoming a stylist, Jeannie went to Milpitas High School and collected her diploma at 18. She’s very vocal about the special bond that she shares with her mother and even moved in with her when she and her then-husband filed for divorce in 2018.

Jeannie Mai’s personal life

When she auditioned for local tv networks, Jeannie Mai used self-written scripts to promote her hosting talents. On top of being fluent in English, Mai is multilingual and is fluent in Vietnamese, Spanish, and also speaks a little bit of Chinese.

Despite being announced as a celebrity competitor on the 29th season on Dancing With The Stars which commenced in September, 2020, Mai backed out of the show 2 months in on November 2 after being diagnosed with epiglottitis, an inflammatory condition that compromises the state of one’s lungs.

On top of running her own TV show, Jeannie Mai is also one of the ambassadors of, a program that caters to those that have sclerosis and encourages them to embrace the chronic disease.

Mai is a devoted Christian and got married twice. She tied the knot with her first husband, Freddy Harteis in 2007, however, after having a number of ups and downs, the pair filed for separation and got divorced in December, 2018.

3 years later, after dating for over two years, Mai got married to Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins in a private ceremony at their home in Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2021. Together, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby daughter, in January, 2022.

The Notorious Life Of Jeannie Mai: Controversial Remarks, and Feud with Ex-Husband

Notorious Life Of Jeannie Mai

Although Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are adored by fans and fellow colleagues for their chemistry both on and off-screen, the couple was put on the spot in November 2020, when Jeannie’s past remarks regarding her preferences were brought up during an interview with Jay Jenkins.

When her remarks resurfaced 6 years later and Jeezy was asked for his two cents on the matter, he explained how he and Mai had a chat about it, and how she said that it was something that was taken out of context. He also mentioned how he felt that it was blown out of proportion by the media on purpose to allow some irrelevant companies to achieve their five minutes of fame.

Additionally, after announcing her pregnancy to her fanbase and peers on social media in 2021, while a majority of them were stoked and sent her words of positivity, Mai’s ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, conveyed words of cynicism, sparking a public feud.

According to Yahoo, the American actor responded “Yep, I upgraded from trash to treasure a long time ago. Best decision I’ve ever made. Congratulations. Being truly happy is an amazing feeling.” While the spokesperson of Mai refused to comment on the situation, users believe that the jab that was taken towards Mai was due to the fact that she did not want a baby when she was married to Harteis; an issue that ultimately led to their divorce.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s her bubbly personality or her whopping net worth, everything about Jeannie Mai is something to behold. Her current net worth stands at $4 million, but taking into account the influence she has in addition to the TV show that she’s the proud owner of, it’s safe to assume that Jeannie Mai’s net worth is indeed not a hoax, and that it will increase significantly with each year if her contract with ABC receives an extension!

Additionally, if you’ve liked learning more about the life and net worth that Hollywood celebrity Jeannie Mai currently has, make sure to skim through the write-ups on our website! On top of debunking death hoaxes related to celebrities, we also cover the hottest topics regarding renowned faces of Hollywood!

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