How Much Is Lil Reese Net Worth In 2024? A Detailed Breakdown Of Sources

Lil Reese’s life has been full of ups and downs for the past decade up until this day. Regardless, you are most certainly well-acquainted with this rap artist’s works that have gained popularity in the media platforms. His interpretation of the hip hop genre saw this star release eight mixtapes over the years and boosted the number in his fan base with this masterful craftsmanship.

This artist has always been able to draw the focus from the media equally with his music and his violations of the law. No matter what the reason is, fans often ponder about Lil Reese net worth and for obvious reasons. Our experts have assessed his net worth to stand approximately around $1 million.

Now you may wonder how we can say this with certainty. To learn about our analysis process, you must take a dive into Reese’s life & work to understand his income sources better. If you scroll down till the end, you’ll find the justifications to our claim and in the process gain a great deal of information on this hip hop artist’s entire life.

Who Is Lil Reese?

Who is Lil Reese

For those of you who don’t know him, Lil Reese is a rap artist belonging to the greater umbrella of the hip hop genre. His real name is Tavares Lamont Taylor and he was born on January 6, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. His childhood locality tells us a lot about his entanglements with crime as he was a part of illegal activities from a young age.

Such familiarity with crime in his lifestyle never truly left him alone and when we’ll investigate into the latter stages of his life, we’ll see how important one’s childhood is despite so much success. While his gang lifestyle continued on one side, on the other he made his breakthrough into the world of rap by appearing in Chief Keef’s ‘I Don’t Like’.

With this single, Reese was picked up by the popular music producer No I.D., prominently known for working with high class artists such as Kanye West. Under his supervision, Reese was soon climbing the ladder of success and his career took a pivotal turn when he signed with the recording label Def Jam.

Career Overview

Alongside Reese’s production with No I.D., he also worked with the likes of Fredo Santana and Lil Durk back in 2010. But he received success with Keef’s ‘I Don’t Like’ the most as it reached a peak of number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at number 15 on the Hot Rap Songs chart. In 2012, Reese realized his love for mixtapes as he created his very first mixtape with Rick Ross and Drake.

Rick Ross further promoted it in his own mixtape later on. Reese even worked with music producers who were on their way to blow up in the coming future side by side with his own solo projects. His EP projects had been recognized well by his fans and the solo mixtapes received tangible success with the inclusion of some of the most prominent rap artists as guest appearances.

Lil Reese Net Worth

Lil Reese actual net worth

In this section we’ll talk about the probable income sources of Lil Reese and concentrate on his net worth in 2024. Reese hadn’t inherited much from his family, so almost the entirety of his worth comes from his own earnings throughout his life up until this day.

His initial source of income is his revenue generated from his mixtapes and EP releases. He receives a handsome amount of money from the distributors, record labels, concerts and social platforms for music such as Youtube or Spotify. Assessing the views or plays on each of his songs as well as the contracts he has signed over the course of time, our experts are certain that Lil Reese net worth is set at $1 million.

However, his involvement with gangs and the lifestyle he lives with crime-based organizations, some speculate there may be other illegal sources of income for Reese that the general public don’t know about. Had these been legal incomes, his net worth might have been considered twice as much as what he is actually worth today.

Shooting Incident

Lil Reese law violations

Lil Reese probably has been involved in numerous shooting incidents due to his gang lifestyle, but among them two had been near death experiences for him. The first incident took place on November 11, 2019 when Reese was chased by another car around the Markham and Country Club Hills.

Witnesses claimed that they heard around 12 rounds of gunshots fired at Reese until both the cars halted and the perpetrator fired at Reese with something like a rifle and ran away from the scene. A bullet hit Reese around his neck and he was rushed to a hospital in critical condition, as informed by the USA Today.

He was released after intense treatment and the billboard featured his safe comeback as the artist claimed he was really lucky to be alive. His second shooting incident happened more recently on May 15, 2021 when he along with two other men had been shot.

This shooting incident allegedly took place over a stolen Dodge Durango. In this instance as well Reese walked out as the lucky person since a bullet literally grazed past his eye, leaving him in a bloody mess and granted him a visit to the emergency section. TMZ covered this incident with necessary details and showed the aftermath of this particular incident in their article.

Law Violations

Lil Reese has been infamous to the law enforcement officers due to his countless instances where he breached laws. For starters, he served a two year probation back in 2010 because of burglary charges on him that were later proven to plead him guilty.

After that, he was arrested by the Chicago Police due to trespassing, battery and mob charges that were identified from camera videos. Another video allegation pressed against him was his assault on a woman in 2012. A year later, he was charged with a stolen vehicle, arrested for carrying marijuana on him and a violation of his probation – all on different occasions.

His fans weren’t spared from his carefree nature either, as the Rolling Stone report suggests that this rap artist kept his fans waiting in a concert in New York City. It was claimed that the fans had waited until 3 AM for his performance and went restless during the time of his absence. These incidents altogether tell us how this star lives his life and acts on impulses.

Lil Reese Biography

Given below is an overall biography of Lil Reese covering all the major information regarding his life and career. A quick skim through this section will align you with the necessary knowledge about Reese in the shortest possible time.

Stage Name Lil Reese
Real Name Tavares Lamont Taylor
Alternate Names Reese Money, Grim Reaper
Height 188 cm (74 in)
Date of Birth January 6, 1993
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Net Worth $1M
Relationship Status Single
Followers Instagram (1.7M), Youtube (166k)


Lil Reese net worth is solely based on his activities centering around music and production. Some considered him to be worth a lot more than what he actually is, but sadly his worth is set around $1 million as of this day.

He probably would have been able to generate a more handsome revenue had he cut his ties to the world of crime and the gang lifestyle. It shows how far criminal and illegal activities can drag down a talented individual no matter how much success he is able to get in his lifetime.

As Lil Reese fans & well-wishers, we hope that one day he’ll endorse a clean lifestyle to focus solely on his music, and leave us satisfied with his magical creations that’ll win over hearts on a much larger scale.

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