Linda Tripp Net Worth: Ex-Pentagon Employee’s Lifetime Earnings Calculated

Linda Tripp net worth

If you’re old enough or follow the political trends of American history, then you must be familiar with the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal back in 1998. Linda Tripp was a pivotal individual in that incident due to her direct involvement with the case. It eventually saw the 2000 U.S. presidential election drive away from the Democratic Party, some claim it was because of Clinton’s scandal which hurt the motivation and reputation of the party.

Whichever may be the case, the important individual in the matter, Linda Tripp, has remained under the spotlight for a significant amount of time during that time. From that recognition and a curiosity for what became of her in later life, people often search for one thing, which is ‘Linda Tripp net worth’.

Her worth would suggest how far she had progressed in her life and how comfortable her lifestyle had been. Some argue that her net worth has been around $1 million at the time of her death, but we need to be certain before declaring it as a fact.

And to do that, this article takes a brief but thorough peek into the life & activities of this individual. In the end, you’ll find your answer with tons of information on how she became the famous Linda Tripp that we all know of.

Net Worth Assessment

Net Worth Assessment

To accumulate Tripp’s net worth, we’ve gathered some knowledge that she was a highly-paid personnel both in the White House and at the Pentagon. Ever since she was fired from her position and was attempting to be indicted with personal information that was used in court, she sued the US Department of Defense shortly after.

She reached a settlement with the Defense and Justice department and gained a large number of facilities. She received a settlement offer of $595,000 along with the highest paying salary for three consecutive years as a federal agent. This makes up for a significant portion of her net worth that is to become one day.

Following her second marriage in 2004, Tripp moved to Middleburg, Virginia where she opened a German winter-themed holiday store with her husband. However, her decline in health at the latter stages of her life didn’t see her thrive to the fullest. Also, Tripp claimed later on that from all the settlements and deals she made with the government, she actually was at loss rather than gain after paying all the lawyer fees and relevant charges.

Based on all of her income sources and expenditures afterward, our accumulation of Linda Tripp net worth remains valid at $1 million as of April 2020.

Early Life Of Linda Tripp

Born and raised as Linda Rose Carotenuto, Tripp was born on November 24, 1949 in Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S. Her parents met during World War II when her father was stationed in Germany as a soldier. They married afterwards but separated in 1968 when Tripp was 19 years old.

At Fort Meade, Maryland, Tripp found a job as a secretary in Army Intelligence after graduating in the same year. From that job, she made her way to the White House as an employee for George H. W. Bush administration. And when the Clinton administration took over the House after the election, Tripp managed to keep her job there which allowed her the opportunity of exposing one of the biggest scandals the US has ever seen!

Tripp got her surname from Bruce Tripp who was a military officer and the two got married back in 1971. As Esquire Magazine covered her life’s story, they pointed out that the couple had two children together until their divorce in 1990. She remarried in 2004, Dieter Rausch who was a German architect.

The ‘Clinton Scandal’

Linda Tripp Clinton scandal

You must be wondering how much Linda Tripp net worth is, but to be able to fully understand her sources of income, we must go through with the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal and Tripp’s role before and after the event. After her initial White House employment, Tripp managed to work her way through to the White House Counsel’s office.

Tripp became a matter of concern for the senior White House assistants and eventually they wanted her gone from their periphery. This saw her transferred to the Pentagon with a significant raise in salary by $20,000 which is a lot considering inflation since that time. The amount was confirmed by the Washington Post in their 1998 article.

Monica Lewinsky was the woman Bill Clinton was charged to have sexual relationship with during his tenure as the US President. Tripp befriended Lewinsky at that time and secretly recorded her confession to being involved with Clinton over a phone conversation. Tripp eventually leaked the tape to confederate agents and lawyers that saw the end of the Clinton-Lewinsky drama at court.

This drama caused Clinton impeachment, his political party a defeat in the following election and Monica Lewinsky a lifelong spotlight in the media. As a consequence however, Tripp was accused and attempted to be impeached. But it didn’t stand in court, and later on she was fired from her job at the Pentagon after the end of the Clinton regime. Lewinsky told CNN in an interview that “what goes around comes around.”

Cancer & Death

After signing a deal with the demon by exchanging immunity for the Lewinsky phone call tape, Linda Tripp was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived it with multiple instances of chemotherapy prior to her second marriage. Tripp became the symbol of awareness for breast cancer and appeared in multiple television shows like Larry King Live to tell people how her life has been since the diagnosis, along with many other things.

Although she had her breast cancer contained with treatment, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during her late 60s. But the cancer survivor couldn’t stand last with this new infection much like the previous one. She gave her way to death after a short fight on April 8, 2020 at the age of 70, and Reuters paid a tribute to this historically significant individual posthumously.


In this section, we’ll briefly have a look at Linda Tripp’s lifetime facts in order to produce a concrete understanding of this individual.


Name Linda Tripp
Birth Name Linda Rose Carotenuto
Date of Birth November 24, 1949
Place of Birth Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
Date of Death             April 8, 2020 (aged 70)
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Spouse(s) Bruce M. Tripp​

​(m. 1971; div. 1990)​

Dieter Rausch ​(m. 2004)

No. of Children 2
Net Worth $1M
Height 70 in (178 cm)


Linda Tripp’s life and death may be an overall lesson for all those who follow correctly. Apart from the lesson, we also get to know a significant amount of her personal life that had initially been unknown to us. While doing that, we’ve addressed this wide searched issue of ‘Linda Tripp net worth’.

Now that we know that her net worth was $1 million until her death, we can fixate upon the knowledge that you never really win after so many troubled and dramatic episodes. Her interaction with the government was ethically within a gray area that we are not capable of judging.

But based on how much she was worth and her struggles with cancer, we can say this much that she as an individual had suffered till the end of her days. And where she might have been reduced down to the person that caused the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal, we now know she was more than that as an individual.

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