Who Is Malika Andrews’ Husband? Rumors Surrounding Dave McMenamin In 2024

Who Is Malika Andrews’ Husband

The career of Malika Andrews is a glorious one – both in front of and behind the camera in the NBA scene. This reputed sports journalist has been partnered up with ESPN for the past four years. The fans simply adore her because of the way she presents the updates along with the way she keeps herself looking like the most fashionable reporter you may ever come across.

This award winning journalist already has many milestone achievements in her bag with more success on her way. In recent times, her fans have been obsessing over one speculation however, which begs to ask: who is Malika Andrews’ husband? Is she even dating someone right now or is secretly married already? The answer to the marriage question is: NO, she is not married.

These are the questions that this individual has never addressed which increases the doubts of her fans and admirers. Our goal today is to bring you the most authentic news regarding this matter and diminish such questions once and for all.

So we invite you to a journey through Andrews’ career and personal life, so that we can provide proof to our claim with substantial evidence. After reaching the end, we guarantee that you’ll be left completely satisfied with our answer.

Who Is Malika Andrews? From Early Life To Sports Career

Who Is Malika Andrews

Malika Rose Andrews was born on January 27, 1995 in Oakland, California, USA to parents with professions of a personal trainer and an art teacher. Growing up to a father involved in the sports business, Andrews was exposed to these cultures from a very early age. She was an avid watcher of the NBA and supported the Golden State Warriors since her early childhood days.

When she was in eighth grade, she attended the Head-Royce School and spent her graduating year at a boarding school in Utah in 2012, as claimed by the New York Post. Her diversity of work through the career was seen when she started off with her grandfather’s law firm until deciding to grab a degree in Communications from the University of Portland, from which she graduated in 2017.

During her time there, she started writing for the school newspaper and climbed up to become the sports editor and editor-in-chief. She was actively engaging with sports incidents and made changes for the better. One prime example of it was the death of a student with bleeding in his brain following a sporting accident. After Andrews’ report on the matter, the school board increased safety measures so that such incidents may never recur.

Before joining ESPN, Andrews has worked with some of the prominent newspapers in the NBA sector. She had an internship in Denver Post, worked as a reporting fellow in the New York Times and covered the Chicago Bulls updates in Chicago Tribune. After gaining experience and reputation, she finally was able to reach ESPN.com and their sports reporting team in due time.

Who Is Malika Andrews’ Husband?

Now we’ve come to the money question that we see people ask on social media platforms in recent times. The speculations regarding Malika Andrews husband is basically a hoax that was spread by attention-seeking news portals to increase their views for their articles. Because they know full well that such a claim would grab the attention of the entire NBA fan community and earn them a few extra bucks.

In reality, there’s no news, claims or evidence that suggest Andrews is married or has a husband. The last time she spoke out about having an affair with someone was back in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. She told the media that she was living with her boyfriend back then in New York City until she moved to Los Angeles in 2021, as supported by ESPN.

Afterward, there have been rumors suggesting that Andrews is seeing fellow ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin. They have been seen hanging out on numerous occasions other than professional and it can hint at something being built up between them.

Malika Andrews’ Engagement Ring Incident

A few conspiracy theorists have discovered a ring on Andrews’ finger which leads them to suggesting that she is currently engaged. They suggest that Andrews and McMenamin’s entanglement is an open secret in ESPN, and the ring that was seen on television in recent times is the living proof of their engagements.

The couple are yet to confirm their entanglement, let alone their engagement to the public or media. Whether dating or engaged, if she chooses to share her personal matters with her fans, you’ll surely get to know what she’s up to without making any speculations that hurt the image of our beloved NBA reporter. Until then we should refrain from reaching conclusions based on assumptions.

Personal Stats: Malika Andrews Height, Weight & Achievements

Malika Andrews personal stats

Malika Andrews has a perfect build for standing before the camera on a daily basis. She has a height of 160 cm and a weight of 125 pounds. Andrews is currently working as the host for the Today Show in ESPN and a sideline reporter for ABC’s NBA Finals coverage.

She has numerous achievements that are remarkable for anyone in this field. For starters, she was named in ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ in the sports industry back in 2021 for her significant contribution. One of her contributions include the NBA Bubble, where Andrews was regarded as a star who broke through, mentioned by Sports Illustrated Magazine.

GQ Magazine glorified her grand journey from Bubble Breakout to NBA Today Host in their featurette and it shows the degree of impact this individual has been able to create. It’s evident that Andrews is the living embodiment of passion and dedication which leaves the younger enthusiasts a trail of footprints to follow. One such example is her sister Kendra herself!

Based on her success, involvement and contracts that she has held throughout the years, our experts have assessed her net worth in 2024. Being featured in Forbes, GQ, SI and so on, it skyrocketed her value as a sports journalist. Her initial net worth was accumulated to be around $800k to $1 million, but we assume the actual number is significantly higher than that.

Info On Family

Here we’ll take a dive into her family to see how this individual was brought up to become the icon that she is today.

Malika Andrews Sister

The Andrews family has a talent for working in the sports business, and such is the case for Malika’s younger sister Kendra as well. Much like her elder sister, Kendra too relishes on writing NBA articles and reporting from the pitch-side.

As NBC adores their reporter Kendra, she has been anointed with covering the Golden State Warriors for NBC Sports Bay Area since it has always been the favorite for the Andrews sisters. Kendra is currently hired by ESPN as well to cover the same team and we see a bright future for her in the scene, similar to Malika.

Malika Andrews’ Parents

There isn’t much information available on Malika Andrews’ parents as they decided to stay away from media limelights unlike their daughters. Apart from their professions mentioned earlier, we were able to find out their names and religious backgrounds.

Mike Andrews is the father of the Andrews sisters and has been a personal trainer. Their mother is Caren Andrews, who was a working mother and an art teacher. Caren is of Jewish descendance and both the Andrews sisters received their bat mitzvah to comply with the doctrine.


In this section, we’ll take a brief look at the life & achievements of Malika Andrews in the form of a biography. Scrolling through this part should give you a comprehensive idea about this individual in less than a minute!

Full Name Malika Rose Andrews
Date of Birth January 27, 1995
Place of Birth Oakland, California, USA
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Mike & Caren Andrews
Relationship Status Engaged to Dave McMenamin (speculated)
Sibling(s) 1 (Kendra Andrews)
Net Worth Between $800k to $1M
Height 160 cm (64 in)
Weight 125 pounds (57 kg)
Alma Mater University of Portland


The records show us the mountain of achievements Malika Andrews have been able to generate in such a short duration of time. Her on screen charisma, floral fashion that leaves the fans follow her style and the quality reports she bring to the audience – all of which contribute to the top-tier reputation she currently has in the NBA media.

The assumption about Malika Andrews’ husband is invalid till date and her romantic involvement with fellow ESPN journalist Dave McMenamin is still a mystery for many. Reaching the conclusion that these two are together may be easier than to jump the guns claiming the two are engaged based on a new ring she’s seen wearing in her recent appearances.

For all we know, it could be her grandmother’s ring she inherited and wears as a token of love & tribute to her beloved one. So until we get further clarification from herself, we should settle with the knowledge currently available as facts.

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