Mason Ramsey Net Worth 2023: Calculating The Assets Of “Yodelling Kid” From Illinois

Mason Ramsey net worth

2018 almost seems like a distant memory, but it only happened half a decade ago! Some of the peculiar moments that it had were the trend of consuming tide pods and the auditory illusion of yanny and laurel. Despite kick starting unusual movements however, 2018 also had moments that were wholesome and are cherished in the present day just as much as they were back then. One of them is the rise of Mason Ramsey, otherwise known as the “Yodelling Kid.”

Mason Ramsey first became an internet figure when a clip of him singing, or yodelling, if you will, went viral online. After being recorded and uploaded on YouTube by an unknown user, the clip was reshared by Fox News, which took the reception of the video to another level.

As of 2023, the clip has amassed over 84 million views. The clip not only made Mason Ramsey famous for his unique vocals, but also enabled him to have a fortune that some would call remarkable! Buckle up and join us as we unveil everything we know about Mason Ramsey’s net worth!

Revealing The Actual Net Worth Of Mason Ramsey in 2023

Net worth of Mason Ramsey

After the viral footage of 11 year old Mason Ramsey went viral in 2018, Mason Ramsey landed multiple gigs. In addition to making various tv appearances, Mason also started pursuing a career in music. He was on the lineup of The Grand Ole Opry in 2018 and made an appearance at Coachella Music Festival 2018 in April.

Due to the amount of attention he was accumulating, Ramsey managed to land himself a record deal with Atlantic Records and Big Loud, a Nashville based label. He also starred in several commercials and made contributions to Hollywood films as a voice actor.

Despite being on a hiatus at the moment, Mason Ramsey is very much a trending topic. The kid that was once known for yodelling at Walmart is now pursuing a career in music. He is also a millionaire, with an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Taking into account how active he is on social media and how focused he is on improving his craft and achieving success as a musician, we have no doubt that Mason’s net worth will only increase in due time.

Early Life Of Mason Ramsey

Early life of Mason Ramsey

Mason Ramsey was born on 16 November, 2006, in Golconda, Illinois, USA. His parents are John Ramsey, a hairstylist, and Karen Ramsey, a stay at home mom. Mason has an elder sister who is 9 years his senior.

Mason was taken in by his grandparents, Ernest and Frances Ramsey when he was three weeks old after his parents parted ways. While Mason didn’t necessarily have access to the internet, he did acquire knowledge about music due to the record collection that Ernest had and started singing before he could even form one proper sentence. He started learning music at the age of three and took guitar lessons 3 years later when he was just 6.

He further enriched his passion for music at every barbecue gathering that Ernest hosted. Through the platform, he would display his abilities as a singer, mostly with the help of karaokes.

After he started his music career, Mason revealed that he will never leave the Country genre due to how sentimental the genre is to him and his family.

While his parents were absent when the musician first gained recognition in the media, it was revealed in 2018 that Mason had reconciled with them. It was also unveiled that Mason and his parents moved from Golconda, Illinois to Cooperstown, Tennessee.

Career Overview

Mason Ramsey career overview

After singing “Lovesick Blues” at a Walmart in April, 2018, Mason Ramsey became the topic of discussion in pop culture. The recording that was first posted on YouTube amassed over 25 million views within a span of 3 days. On top of making him an internet sensation and a viral meme, his yodelling video also reignited the popularity of “Lovesick Blues”

Days after the video blew up, Mason made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The visit he paid to Ellen also landed him his first gig as a musician at the Grand Ole Opry. He also made a cameo appearance at Coachella Music Festival in 2018, where he was introduced by DJ Whethan.

On April 28, 2018, Mason released his debut single “Famous,” which finished number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100. Ramsey also performed during the 60th anniversary of Billboard Hot 100, where he covered songs of Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, and more.

In 2019, he was featured on Lil Nas’ “Old Town Road” with Billy Ray Cyrus. He also released his first EP titled “Twang” later that year.

He appeared on a Burger King commercial in 2020, where he brought back his iconic yodelling skills.

Mason was once again on the trend for a brief period in 2022 when he started posting updates about his life on TikTok.

Trivial Facts About Mason Ramsey

Perhaps you finally know the authentic net worth of Mason Ramsey in 2023. However, that’s not all we know about him! Listed below are fun facts and trivia about Mason Ramsey that you too will definitely enjoy learning about!

Name Mason Ramsey
D.O.B 16 November, 2006 (15 Years Old)
Sex Male
Hometown Golconda, Illinois, USA
Currently Resides In Golconda, Illinois, USA
Height 4’9 (1.44 m)
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth 1 Million USD
Zodiac Sign Leo
Occupation Musician, Voice Artist, Internet Celebrity
Years Active 2018 – Present

Who Is Mason Ramsey Dating? Is Mason Ramsey Gay?

Although Mason was recently a trending topic in the media for the caption he had on his most recent post on Instagram, the voice artist and musician from Illinois is very private about his personal life. As a result, it is quite difficult to assume what his current relationship status is and even more difficult to look into his gender identity.

Mason Ramsey: Where Is He Now?

Although Mason will never become that yodelling kid that he was in 2018, his life seems to be blooming rather gracefully. He released plenty of new music for his fans and followers in 2023.

Even though the high school he goes to is unknown, it is believed that Mason now spends loads of time at the academy playing basketball under the name Mason Blake. He’s also moderately active on TikTok and regularly collaborates with other creators on the video making platform.

In addition to receiving his secondary education, Mason is an employee at Subway; a fact that he unveiled on his TikTok account very recently.


We hope this article answers every question you have regarding musician and voice artist Mason Ramsey, who is prominently known as “The Yodelling Kid.”

In short, Mason’s net worth currently stands at $1 million, mainly due to his successful career as a musician. He is currently on a hiatus, but reportedly plays basketball during his free time, and works at a subway to expand his source of income.

Since he is still relatively young, we have no doubt that he will become more big in the future and take his net worth to newer milestones over the next few years.

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