Mike McDaniel’s Parents: Is He Multiracial?

Mike McDaniel’s Parents

Michael Lee McDaniel, most popularly known as Mike McDaniel is an American National Football League coach. McDaniel is presently the head coach for Miami Dolphins and the team has performed noticeably under his coaching.

Like any celebrity coach, there are always speculations and talks about McDaniels too. Especially after he announced to ESPN in 2022 that he is biracial. And due to his keeping his personal life away from the public sphere, the public has shown much interest in his origins and parents.

If you want to know more about his parents and personal life, just read through this article.

But before delving into McDaniel’s parents’ lives, let’s talk a little bit about his background.

Mike’s Life Before the Fame and Glory

Mike’s Life Before the Fame and Glory

Mike McDaniel was Born on March 6th, 1983, and has come from a humble beginning. Mike comes from a poor family and had a struggling upbringing. His father passed away in a car crash when he was only 4 years old. And from then on his mother looked after him and brought him up.

He was born in 1983 and grew up in colorado. And with his father passing away at a very early age, he practically did not get enough time to know his father.

Mike was a student at Yale. But due to his poor economic background, he took out a loan to cover the tuition fee. He completed his graduation with a degree in history. But from the very beginning of his education, he loved to play football. He never stopped playing until he became a ball boy for the Broncos.

Although McDaniel didn’t pay much thought to getting into a coaching job, eventually became the first rookie coach to get a win for the Miami Dolphins. He first got a job as an intern for the Broncos.

McDaniels went every day to the University of Northern Colorado where his home team Denver Broncos played. There he met the video staff member Gary McCunes. Actually, it was McCunes who found him crying at a corner after Mike lost his hat. McCunes was kind enough to buy Mike a hat back the next day.

This interaction began a wonderful relationship between the two as McDaniel started as a ball boy for the Broncos in 2022.  McDaniel would eventually go on to become an intern for Broncos after his graduation.

McDaniels introduced his mother Donna to McCunes which would become an amazing love story ending in the couple’s marriage. But even with this marriage, McDaniels was the only child that Donna had and looked after him.

Mike McDaniel’s Coaching Career

Mike McDaniel’s Coaching Career

After working as a ball boy for the Boncos, McDaniel’s career in football kept on going. He joined the broncos as an intern and later as an assistant coach for Broncos. With this, he started his NFL coaching career in 2005 as an assistant for Denver Broncos.

Between 2017 and 2021 he served as an assistant coach for several teams in the NFL. He acted as an assistant coach for the likes of Houston Texans, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, and Atlanta falcons.

He moved on from being an assistant coach to getting his first job as an offensive coordinator in 2021. The knowledge he gathered from being an offensive coordinator, he applied when he was hired by the Miami Dolphins.

McDaniels was hired by the Miami Dolphins as their head coach in February 2022. He took to his coaching, and his knowledge of offensive coordinator and brought back to back victories for the team.  He was the first rookie coach to bring such victories.

Mike McDaniel as Head Coach for the Miami Dolphins has a four-year contract to work with the Miami Dolphins. Although we could not get a surefire number on how much he will earn from this contract. But rumor has it that he will earn $3-4 million each season from this contract.

Mike McDaniel’s Parents

There is a lot of online chatter about Mike McDaniel’s parents. Especially after he announced that his father was an African American. McDaniel disclosed to an ESPN report that he is biracial and he is extremely proud of his origin.

So let’s talk about McDanile’s parents:


There is little to no information on McDaniel’s father on the internet. All we know is that McDaniel disclosed that his father is of African American origin.

McDaniel’s father is black. His father died when he was only 4 leaving his 20-year-old mother and him in the world. McDaniel’s father died in a car accident.

Mike McDaniel commented that he felt like a ‘unicorn’ among the members of his father’s family. This is because he noticed that his skin is lighter than his grandmother from his father’s side and all the other relatives from his father’s side.

Other than this information there is little on the internet about Mike McDaniel’s father.


Although descriptions of his father are rare on the internet, Mike McDaniel’s mother is quite well known. Mike’s mother’s name is Donna McDaniel. She brought up Mike as a single mother through all her struggles. We are thrilled to cover this loving story of this single mother and her only child.

Donna’s origins are often vague on the internet. But what is known of her, she is of white origins. Some believe her to have been born in the USA while others argue otherwise.

Donna McDaniel brought up Mike McDaniel as a single mother. Mike McDaniel was the only child of Donna and she lovingly brought him up as a successful child.

Although she did not have an easy life. Her husband, Mike McDaniel’s father died when she was in her 20s. So had to look after her child on her own as a single mother. Although she did not have much economic support, she brought up her child with her own income.

She and Mike grew up in Colorado on a farm. Donna supported the family with her job of a Credit consultant for Monfort Beef in Greeley. But she also had to run a side business to sell and deliver goods to make ends meet.

She did not even get any monetary support from his family as many of her family members and relatives cut ties with her because she married a black person.

So, in essence, Donna is the only parent of Mike McDaniel and he reflects that in all of his statements. Mike McDaniel credits his mother for all of his accomplishments. This became apparent when Donna was the first person McDaniel called after getting the job as a head coach for Miami Dolphins.

Mike introduced Donna to McCunes after he was appointed as a ball boy for the Denver Broncos. This event led Donna and McCunes to eventually marry each other. McCunes and Mike McDaniels had a very good relationship from the beginning of Mike’s career. This marriage only made that relationship stronger.

Although his personal life of MIke is often obscured, Donna McDaniel is often seen with Mike’s only child on social media.

So with a black father and a white mother, Mike McDaniel is a multiracial coach and is among the 4 biracial coaches for the NFL. Although this minority status has raised criticism, Mike has always boldly deflected these criticisms and said he’s always been proud of his parents.

Mike’s Partner and Children

Mike’s Partner and Children

The mother of Mike’s beautiful child is Katie Helstalk. The couple tied the knot on June 21st, 2014. Later Katie took the name, Katie Daniel. The couple kept the details of their relationship under wraps as they do not want social media coverage.

But from what we know, Katie is a cosmetologist and an esthetician. She was born in Oroville, California. Surprisingly Katie and Mike both were born on the same year 1983 and both are 39 years old.

The couple keeps their romantic endeavors off the internet. This is also the case for their only daughter Ayla. The McDaniel couple has not disclosed any information regarding their daughter publicly on the internet.

Mike McDaniel’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Make?

Mike McDaniel signed a four-year contract with the Miami Dolphins as its fourteenth head coach. Although there is no confirmation of what fees Mike will get, it is estimated that Mike may receive something between $3-4 million per season with this contract.

Regardless of what he earns from the Dolphins, His net worth will surely increase by the end of his contract with the dolphins. His net worth has already been reported to increase from $2 million to approximately $4 to $5 million up until now.


Being only one of four biracial head coaches in the NFL earns Mike McDaniel some criticism. Many fans called out his biracial identity and minority status. But Mike McDaniels always handled these criticisms with strong hands as he said he does not feel like a minority. Rather he is a normal human being.

Mike McDaniel’s parents may be of different skin colors, but Mike never raised any news about being of multiracial origin. Only when fans called out his biracial identity, he replied that he loved his family and never felt like being a minority in his career.

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