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Rod Wave height

One of the fresh faces in hip-hop who will soon become a household name is Rod Wave. While the American rapper is still new to the business, he is very well on the rise. The main reason behind his ever growing popularity is the ability that he has as a wordsmith, and the authenticity that his melodies contain.

Although Rod Wave’s music is widely acknowledged and always under the spotlight, certain things about the 24 year old have yet to be unveiled to the public eye. While fans know about his latest album SoulFly that topped the Billboard 200 as soon as it was released, basic pieces of information about his physical appearance such as his height remains a mystery to this day. However, that’s where we come in with our skillset!

On top of revealing the mysterious height of Rod Wave, you will find the latest scoop about his fortune, personal life, and even acquire knowledge about how the rapper got his first breakthrough! Make sure to fasten your seatbelt, as this journey will surely be as thorough as it is exciting!

How Tall Is Rod Wave? EYNTK About Rod Wave’s Frame!

How Tall Is Rod Wave

Rod Wave’s potential is as high as the sky, but his height on the other hand, is something that’s slightly mediocre.

According to various sources, Rod Wave currently stands at 5 feet and 6 inches. However, based on our research, that claim might just be false.

Our primary evidence is the music video of Rod Wave’s song, “Rags2Riches,” which features the presence of Lil Baby. As claimed by prominent websites, Lil Baby is 5 feet 7 inches, which we think is very much justified as he has the same height as Lil Durk. However, in the music video of “Rags2Riches,” Lil Baby seems to tower over Rod Wave by at least 2 inches.

Rod Wave’s weight of 216 lbs is surely a fact, but we believe that he’s a bit shorter than he claims he is. Instead of having a height of 5 feet and 6 inches, we think that he currently stands at 5 feet and 4 inches respectively.

Rod Wave Net Worth 2024: Revealing The Millionaire Lifestyle Of The American Prodigy!

Rod Wave Net Worth

Rod Wave may have been a late-bloomer in the music industry, but it seems as though he’s a quick learner. His skillset as a musician didn’t just allow him to garner billions of views on YouTube and Spotify, but also rewarded him with tons of fame and fortune.

As of 2024, Rod Wave’s estimated net worth is $3 million. His primary source of income seems to be his career as an artist. On top of gaining over 100 million views on music streaming platforms, each of his compositions receive millions of views on YouTube on a regular basis.

Rod Wave’s net worth is further enhanced through the help of the sales his albums make. He is currently signed with Interscope Records as well as Geffen Records, which give him 50 percent of the revenue that is usually generated through the sales.

In 2020, shortly after releasing the audio of “Heart on Ice,” Sony offered Rod Wave a deal that started at $15 million; an offer that Rod didn’t refuse. Although major details of the contract were never disclosed to the public, it is believed that Rod received a 5-year deal from Sony and will be paid in full after 2024.

Trivial Facts About Rod Wave: Birthday, Zodiac, Family, and More!

Rod Wave’s music has surely won the hearts of fans all over the world due to being extremely relatable and could definitely be your perfect cup of tea if you unconditionally love the genre of R&B.

Additionally, if you do happen to be a member of Rod Wave’s fan base already, reward yourself by checking out the table of content below, which consists of fun facts and trivia regarding the 24-year old with a strong interest towards hip hop and R&B!

Name Rodarious Marcell Green
Also Known As Rod Wave
D.O.B August 27, 1998 (24 Years Old)
Sex Male
Hometown St. Petersburg, Florida
Height 5’4 (1.63m)
Weight 216 lbs (97 kg)
Relationship Status Single
Children 2
Net Worth 3 Million USD
Zodiac Virgo
Occupation Artist, Rapper, Songwriter
Idols E-40, Kanye West, Kevin Gates
Years Active 2016 – Present


Rod Wave was born on 27 August, 1998 in St. Petersburg, Florida. While vital details about his parents or his family have remained unknown to this day, Rod had a rough childhood, a fact that he has discussed during various interviews. His parents split when he was extremely young, and his family life began falling apart when his father was arrested shortly afterward.

The following years brought to the table tons of hardship for Rod Wave and his family. They were inches away from entering poverty. In fact, things were so unfavourable at one point, that Rod himself had to financially support his family. Since getting a 9-5 was impossible, Rod Wave often found himself partaking in illegal activities, which usually got him in trouble and landed him in juvie multiple times.

When he first discovered his unfailing love for music, Rod received tons of support from all his family members, specifically from his father. To help his son achieve his dream of becoming a rapper, Rod Wave’s father bought him a laptop and a microphone. Once he was done with graduating from high school, Rod Wave chose to forgo his tertiary education to pursue a career in music.

Career Overview

Rod Wave career overview

Although music was only a hobby and a coping mechanism he would resort to for a while, Rod Wave started taking his talents seriously and initially invested in them during 2016. He released his first album titled Rookie Of the Year, and doubled it by releasing Hunger Games around shortly afterward. After becoming a household name in Florida and booking a couple of local shows, Rod Wave released two more mixtapes, Hunger Games 2 and Hunger Games 3, which were available online in 2018.

After being scouted by Alamo Records, Rod Wave worked on another album, but also collaborated with various musicians to further seal his road to success. He teamed up with Moneybagg Yo for “Feel The Same Way,” and partnered up with LPB Poody to produce and release “All We Know.”

The next album that he had, titled PTSD, hit the shelves in 2019 and immediately caught fire because of the track “Fire On Ice.” On top of being one of the trending melodies on TikTok and securing his rise to stardom, the popularity of the soundtrack also helped PTSD secure a place in the upper half of the Billboard Hot 100.

2020 was yet another monumental year for Rod Wave, especially due to the release of his album Pray 4 Love, which propelled him to a league of his own. It featured popular songs like “Rags2Riches” and “Roaming,” which have a total view of over a 100 million.

In 2021 and 2022, Rod Wave released his third and fourth albums titled, “SoulFly” and “Beautiful Mind,” both of which finished first on the Billboard Top 200 after their release.

Although Rod Wave has yet to reach his prime, his storytelling abilities with the mellow singing and rapping voice that he has makes him a great prospect to look forward to. His talents as a musician mixed with the likability of his persona is what makes Rod Wave a one-of-a-kind figure in the music industry today.


While Rod Wave had multiple encounters with law enforcers throughout childhood, Rod Wave’s most recent run-in happened in May of 2022, and took the internet by storm.

After having an altercation with his then-girlfriend in April, 2022, Rod Wave was arrested after the misunderstanding led to a big fight, in which Rod Wave strangled his partner. He was later arrested and spent the following night in prison. However, after reviewing the case, the charges against him were dropped. The arrest came right before the release of his new album “Beautiful Mind,” which hit the shelves in August, 2022 and instantly debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 100.

Is Rod Wave Alive Or Dead? Unveiling The Current Status Of The R&B Musician

After being under constant media attention due to achieving success as a musician and receiving backlash after his recent arrest, Rod Wave stopped being active on social media for quite some time. He subsequently cut ties with his friends and family due to facing legal charges, which didn’t just concern his peers, but also left his fan base worried about his health, and even allowed some untrustworthy media outlets to obtain their 5 minutes of fame by spreading fake news about his death.

However, In August, 2022, after taking a brief hiatus from the media, Rod Wave announced his return. He did so by promoting tracks from his latest album “Beautiful Mind” on Instagram, simultaneously debunking baseless and false claims about his death as a result.

Final Words

We hope this material of ours contains everything regarding Rod Wave’s height, weight, and answers all the queries you have about the 24 year old musician. We also hope the rest of the segments bring you tons of enjoyment, as that is always the main incentive behind each writeup that we publish!

Although various media outlets claim that the rapper is 5 feet and 6 inches tall, we believe that fact lacks credible evidence, just like the news about Rod Wave being dead.

In reality, it seems as though Rod Wave has a shorter wingspan and height, and currently stands at 5 feet and 4 inches. Additionally, even though he just released an album a few weeks ago, we believe that the rapper still has plenty of gas left in his tank, and might just surprise his fans with yet another album in early 2023!

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