Ryan Fitzpatrick Net Worth In 2023 With Career Earning Details

Ryan Fitzpatrick net worth

“Fitzmagic” has been an iconic star in his prime NFL days for some of the unorthodox reasons. Most popular players are revered due to either their consistency or record-breaking performances, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of a kind to hold multiple NFL records while being one of the most inconsistent players in the history.

Due to the latter reason, many went on to calling him “Fitztragic” for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, after his long career with so many teams, the individual has managed to pick up victories as well as some of the most delicious contracts in his sports career.

You might wonder how much a player with such unique performance is worth after such a long time away from stepping foot on the pitch. Based on detailed calculations, his net worth has accumulated around $30 million as of 2023.

How did experts assess it, you may ask? Our article gives you access to all this information starting from his early life to the record-breaking career overview. By the end, you’ll realize why this inconsistent yet successful NFL quarterback has earned such a handsome amount and gain a brief understanding of his endeavors.

Who Is Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Who Is Ryan Fitzpatrick

For those of you who don’t know him, Fitzpatrick has been in the NFL for 17 long seasons starting from 2005. This superstar was born on November 24, 1982 in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. His full name is Ryan Joseph Fitzpatrick and he has spent his entire childhood in the Gilbert region.

From his school days, he showed promising performance in football and was able to draw attention toward his play. Many fans don’t know that he was a student of economics at Harvard and was part of the Harvard Crimson football team during his academic career.

According to ESPN, he began his Crimson journey as a backup quarterback and impressed the coaches with his performance that led to be picked for the starting lineup. His contributions were identified as he was named as the 2004 Ivy League Player of the Year because of his numerous records he set at Harvard that are still on today, standing only second to Neil Rose.

After graduation, Fitzpatrick went for the Wonderlic test where it was rumored that he scored a record 48 marks out of 50, completing the entire test in only nine minutes! Whether it’s true or not, it can’t be verified today, but he was able to impress the NFL community one way or another. It was evident in the 2005 NFL Draft as he got picked by the St. Louis Rams and started his professional career there on.

Career Overview

Ryan Fitzpatrick career overview

After the start of the NFL journey with the St. Louis Rams, Ryan Fitzpatrick spent two seasons with the team until moving to Cincinnati Bengals in the 2007 season. He stayed a couple more seasons there as well and was drafted to Buffalo Bills in 2009. In his record-setting career, one of his most popular records is that he is the only player in the NFL to have played with nine different teams.

After the Bills, he consequently moved to Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins until announcing his retirement from the sport in 2022 offseason after one last season with Washington Football Team. According to The Washington Post, he has currently joined Amazon’s NFL coverage teams and the fans will hear him up close from this season onward!

Despite his long career with so many teams and holding such diverse records, he was never able to make an appearance in the postseason. For his lack of consistency and deprivation of any substantial record, he won’t make it to the hall of fame ever. But he will continue to remain in the talks of popular culture due to the most unconventional career by any NFL superstar!

Net Worth

Now we come to the question that you’ve all been waiting for: what is Ryan Fitzpatrick net worth? Well, you know the answer already, but let’s take a look at his career earnings one by one. His first NFL signing was worth around a million US dollars, followed by the big contract offered by Buffalo Bills worth $7.4 million.

After that, his following contracts with New York Jets and Miami Dolphins have been worth $12 million and $11 million respectively. Although he is estimated to be around $30 million in 2023, The Sun claims that Fitzpatrcik is one of the highest paid NFL stars with a career earning an astonishing amount of $82.1 million!

Personal Life

Ryan Fitzpatrick personal life

Fitzpatrick is an absolute sweetheart in his personal life! He has been married to Liza Barber and they have together seven of the most adorable children as of 2023! With three sons and four daughters, his oldest child is Brady aged 12 and the youngest Ruby only at the age of 2.

In an interview with The New York Times back in 2011, Fitzpatrick talked about his loyalty to his wife by stating that he never takes the wedding ring off of his finger. It’s his token of love and commitment that he’d like to show the world with pride. Not only that, he doesn’t take it off ever – even when he’s cutting his nails or changing the diapers of his babies.

Fitzpatrick is revered as one of the most loving husbands and fathers that the NFL has ever seen. Apart from his family life happiness, he was named as the fifth smartest athlete ever by the Sporting News back in 2010. And you might be shocked to learn that he has appeared in multiple TV Shows over the years, a list of which you’ll find in his IMDb profile!


In this section, we’ll take a brief look at Ryan Fitzpatrick’s overview of both his personal information as well as his professional entanglements. This should give you a wider perspective on this NFL star’s life!

Full Name Ryan Joseph Fitzpatrick
Nicknames Fitzmagic, Fitztragic, Fitzception
Date of Birth November 24, 1982
Place of Birth Gilbert, Arizona, USA
Alma Mater Harvard University
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net Worth $30M
Spouse Liza Barber
No. of Children 7
Height 74 in (188 cm)
NFL Position Quarterback
Current Profession NFL caster on Amazon


Whether you love him or hate him, you must admit one thing that Ryan Fitzpatrick could run like no one else! With a rushing touchdown record of 21 throughout his entire career, you know how deterministic he has been as a player even though he faltered at countless occasions.

But the times he was able to find his footing into the game, he passed like no one else with his strong arms and intercepted with all his heart. These are some of the main reasons apart from his smartness in the game that landed him such gigantic contracts. With this record-breaking career earning, Ryan Fitzpatrick net worth sticks around $30 million.

We believe his net worth and overall earnings are well-worth his effort and talent. Had things gone differently in the games he lost his touch severely, maybe we would’ve seen him in the hall of fame one day. Regardless, we’ll still be able to hear his analysis of the game with Amazon’s NFL coverage now!

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