Salt Bae’s Net Worth in 2024: All the Details About His Life, Career and Family

Salt Bae’s net worth

If you haven’t been introduced to this internet sensation who went viral over a salt-sprinkling video, this is where you’ll find the most shocking facts about him.

In reality, Salt Bae is how he was nicknamed. His actual name is Nusret Gökçe and he is a Turkish chef, butcher, and restaurateur. Just like any other restaurant owner, Salt Bae was minding his own business until he decided to sprinkle salt in a way that the world found magnificently unique. The video came out, went viral and he became a sensation overnight.

After the video turned into a meme in January 2017, things took a different turn for Nusret. He surely didn’t think that video would go viral, become a meme, and skyrocket into exceeding popularity! What he did was use that popularity for his benefit, just like most folks would do. However, he might have gone a little overboard with that which you’ll know later on.

You might be wondering about his worth. Well, Salt Bae’s net worth is an estimated $70 million. This isn’t because he went viral over a meme but because of the way he led his life from a very early age. Find out more below.

Firstly, here are a few facts that could provide an overview of Nusret, a.k.a, Salt Bae.

Name Nusret Gökçe
Age 39
D.O.B 9 August, 1983
Nationality Turkish
Weight 65 kg
Height 5 foot 5 inches
Net Worth Estimated $70 million
Occupation Restaurateur and Food Entertainer
Annual Estimated Salary Roughly $20 million

Why is Salt Bae’s Net Worth So High?

Salt Bae isn’t just some random guy who lives off a meme right? You guessed it. As you’ll find out as the article proceeds, Salt Bae is more than he appears to be. His net worth is roughly around $70 million. That may be surprising to know at first but you’ll really see why. One of his biggest traits is that he has a passion for what he does even though it doesn’t seem that way when you see him sprinkling salt! More on that as you read on.

How Exactly Did He Become So Famous?

How Salt bae become so famous

You must have seen Salt Bae’s meme somewhere. There’s really no way to avoid it. He actually went viral over a series of videos that show him cutting meat suavely and sprinkling salt over it. When the post was shared, it was viewed 10 million times on Instagram, eventually leading to the coining of the nickname, ‘Salt Bae’.

Salt Bae’s Early Years: Childhood

Salt Bae’s childhood wasn’t exactly easy. His family had to work hard to make ends meet due to a slightly poverty-stricken condition. However, nothing stopped him from making it big as a restaurateur and a guy with an interesting approach to sprinkling salt.


Salt Bae was born in the city of Erzurum in 1983. He started going to school at the age other kids do but his father wasn’t really able to make much money to afford to send him to school. His family was struggling financially. Nusret’s father was a mine worker by profession and Salt Bae was scared to pursue that profession.

At the age of 5, he had to leave school just after learning a little about how to read and write. Other sources say, however, that Salt Bae actually studied till grade 6 but the matter is uncertain. What is certain though is the fact that he didn’t finish school and had to leave early.

Working From an Early Age

Around the age of 11 or 12, Salt Bae started working as a butcher’s apprentice. Since he had to leave school before that time, he had plenty of spare time on his hands. He started working in the district of Kadıköy, Istanbul. He worked in Turkish steakhouses. This was entirely out of his own interest and his father also encouraged him to pursue his own wishes.

Family: Salt Bae’s Wife and Kids

Salt Bae’s family

Not much is known about Salt Bae’s wife and children. In fact, people still are not completely sure whether he has a wife and kids. However, he did say on the internet once that, “a man that does not spend time with his family is not a real man.” Keeping that aside, concrete facts about Salt Bae’s family are unknown.

In September 2018, Nusret was seen in a photo that he posted, where he was surrounded by 12 children and a woman who people assumed to be his wife or partner. Below the photo, he placed a caption saying, “My family”. It had a heart emoji as well.

Salt Bae’s Career as a Restaurateur

Salt Bae’s career

Apart from being an internet sensation in 2017, Nusret has been working in the restaurant business for years. His interest in butchering at an early age led him to develop a strong passion for the work that he pursued before, and after he went viral.

The Beginning of His Career

Nusret had gone to multiple restaurants in many different countries including the United States and Argentina between 2007 and 2010. He had worked in those restaurants for free so that he could gain experience in how the business operates. He learned how to cook and run a restaurant as well by working diligently.

The Opening of His First Restaurant

Salt Bae opened his first restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2010. This was when he was at the age of 26. Before opening his first restaurant, Nusret had flown to Buenos Aires since they are well equipped with the knowledge of handling, cooking, and serving meat.

He learned from the finest chefs and later came to Istanbul to open his first restaurant which he called Nusr-Et Steakhouse. The branch was opened in Etilier which is a neighborhood in Istanbul. Back then, the restaurant only had 8 tables and 10 staff members. The restaurant served high-quality steaks, provided excellent service, and incorporated a boutique concept within it, gaining attention from the crowds very quickly.

Nusret’s Big Break: Financial Backing From an Investor

Ferit Sahenk is the CEO of Doğuş Group. He is a Turkish businessman and also one of the richest men in Turkey. He tried eating at Nusret’s restaurant once and got hooked immediately. He liked it so much that he decided to invest. Nusret was thrilled and expanded his small business to an empire of 13 restaurants, housing over 600 employees, all across the globe.

Salt Bae was sincere in his work and was willing to do whatever it took to make it large. He traveled to various countries, worked for free just so that he could learn, and later implemented whatever knowledge he had acquired in his own business.

Nusret had contributed to the culture by adding a range of odd meat choices and still remains one of the most sought-after places to eat in his own country.

Salt Bae’s Business Expansion

Salt Bae’s business expansion

After Salt Bae had expanded his business, it grew across the globe and across multiple countries. However, many people claim that his restaurants are unreasonably expensive which we will talk about a little later.

How Many Restaurants Does He Have Now?

Salt Bae’s restaurant chain is called Nusr-Et and it has around 20 venues across the globe. Six of those are in Istanbul. He also has restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. In addition to all of that, he also has restaurants in London and in several states of the USA including Texas, Miami, and New York.

How expensive are his restaurants?

There are complaints that Salt Bae’s restaurants are unduly expensive. There are hefty price tags for all items, and the one in London is said to have extortionate prices. The only affordable restaurant is in Istanbul. People jokingly say that it would be cheaper to fly to Istanbul and have a steak at his restaurant rather than dine at the one in London. An eye-watering steak there costs around £850.

Are His Restaurants Popular?

Paul Pogba, P. Diddy, Naomi Campbell, and other celebrities are known to have dined at his restaurants. It is a well-known fact that Salt Bae loves taking photos with celebrities if he runs into them. However, it’s difficult for one man to be in multiple places so there aren’t many photos of him with celebrities dining at his restaurants, except only a handful.

How is Salt Bae Doing Now?

Rumor has it that Salt Bae has run out of salt. He has allegedly been hit by supply chain shortages and is unable to source fresh supplies of the condiment that he provides in his name. However, he still makes a lot of money from his branches in Istanbul and since he never stops working hard, he’s sure to stay afloat.

Salt Bae said that since he was 14, he has been working more than 13 hours a day and that hasn’t changed one bit. He says he still wakes up early in the morning and works all the way up to midnight, every single day.


We covered most bits about the internet sensation, restaurateur, and a really entertaining man. Here are a few questions that might pop into your mind so we’ve attempted to cover them right here. We hope you find the answers that you are looking for if you haven’t found them above.

What is Salt Bae’s Height?

Salt Bae is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 65 kilograms.

Does Salt Bae Workout?

Salt Bae is a big workout geek and nerd. He prefers boxing and bodyweight exercises. He says he jumps rope and anything to keep him quick on his feet as he needs to be quick in the kitchen.

Where Is Salt Bae Now?

He is always moving around and never sitting still in one country. Since he has multiple branches across the globe, he needs to constantly keep visiting them and make sure things are running properly.

Final Thoughts

Salt Bae is more than just an internet sensation. He is a real entertainer. Even though he struggled quite a lot in his childhood, he worked hard and made it where he is today. Although it is true that luck played a role as well, it wouldn’t have been possible without the immense effort that he has put in.

The internet meme went viral and lasted for a while just like all memes do. Beyond that entertainment lies a man who runs multiple restaurants, entertains guests, works out, and follows strict discipline, day in and day out.

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