Kristine Saryan (Scott Patterson’s Wife): All The Info On Gilmore Girls Actress In 2024

Kristine Saryan

Kristine Saryan is an American actress and model who made her prominent appearance in the TV series Gilmore Girls with the role of Chrissy back in 2004. Apart from this role, she also acted in the movie Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story in 2015 and an attempted revival at the Gilmore Girls series with a mini series that launched in 2016.

Despite her on screen success, many people have reduced her identity down to just Scott Patterson’s wife. And whenever they may search for her information, they choose to tag Patterson along instead of just typing out her name. This is probably because of the grand success that Patterson had been able to accumulate in contrast to Saryan that overshadows one’s name over the other.

Regardless of the reasons, our article lays its concentration around Kristine Saryan to find out all the details about her personal & professional life. This includes her career in the media, relationship with Patterson and current ongoings of her life. By the end, you won’t feel the need to search for Scott Patterson’s wife, instead you’ll remember Saryan’s name and that will surely suffice.

Who Is Kristine Saryan?

Who Is Kristine Saryan

As we’ve mentioned earlier, she’s an American actress and her marriage with Scott Patterson had given her a new dimension into her identity. Saryan was born in 1984 in California, USA. Further details regarding her birth or birthplace haven’t been found out, probably because this individual has never shared any of these in her social media pages or public platforms.

Her acting prominence was mostly seen in the Gilmore Girls series and apart from those that we’ve mentioned, she performed as a voice actor in the short biography drama Qualified by David Lloyd Smith in 2012 assuming her own self and not any other role.

The very few details that we know about her include her ethnicity which is a mixture of European and Native American. This sums up the information we individually know about this star. The rest of her information is one way or another tied up with Scott Patterson, so let’s go through his life briefly first before we find more stuff about Saryan.

Info On Scott Patterson

Info On Scott Patterson

Even though we know Patterson as a popular actor in Hollywood, this wasn’t his case in his early career journey. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, this star aspired to be a successful baseball player. It wasn’t limited to his dreams however, as he spent between 1980 to 1986 as a professional player initially at the Triple-A level hoping one day he might be featured in a major league game. The latter dream didn’t come true though, and after struggling for a certain amount of time he decided to shift his focus in career.

Patterson has always had an interest in theaters and he has performed in numerous plays in his early days with grand success. Then he received his most awaited call from the big producers to be cast in the big screen productions. His small and large screen – both debuts were made around 1994 with the films Little Big League and Alien Nation: Dark Horizon respectively.

His recognizable work landed the following year with his role ‘Billy’ in the 90s most beloved series Seinfeld, which is till date claimed as one of the pioneers for sitcom TV series that shaped our taste for comedy. Since then, Patterson has never had to look back on his acting career.

The interesting part about his career is Gilmore Girls as well, because this is where he co-starred with Saryan. He even recurred for the Netflix mini series of the same production years later along with 36 other characters returning for the franchise, as covered by Entertainment Weekly. Currently, this individual is a proud owner of a mug line and appears in podcasts related to the same TV show.

The Patterson & Saryan Story

The Patterson & Saryan Story

Many of the fans are interested in the story of Patterson and Saryan – how the two initially met, fell in love and got married. Some fans suggest that the two initially met at the set of Gilmore Girls and had picked up romantic interests on each other. Since they had to meet and work together on a regular basis, the familiarity could be converted into something more in due time.

Others however choose to oppose this claim, and imply that they go way before this series and had met in a theater house since Saryan was also interested in the same line. To dissolve all the hoaxes and clickbait news regarding the duo, Patterson chose to be vocal about these claims through a post on his official Facebook account.

In the post, Patterson clarified his reason for being public about it and stated that the false news and hoax articles had somewhat left them disgruntled. He added that Saryan and him met during the intermission of a play and kept in touch afterward. At that time, Saryan was 21 and Patterson was 41. After these meetings, they grew closer and you know how the rest of it panned out.

Patterson wasn’t meager with his words when he was describing Saryan’s acting. He flatout claimed that she is a better actress than he has ever been, she received positive criticism from renown critics after her performances in New York and LA. It displays the difficulties of the media industry and claims that he is proud of her acting skills. What a supportive husband he is!

Current Life

The duo decided to tie the knots in 2014. Ever Since, Saryan decided to draw her boundaries with the media industry and started focusing on being a stay-at-home wife. They welcomed their only child Nicholas in 2014 which was announced by Patterson via a Twitter post. His words felt like he was overwhelmed with joy of being a father and to share this feeling with Saryan.

Both of them have opted to keep their personal lives secret which is something we should most certainly admire. We’ll make do with whatever information they hand us over or are already available on the internet. In no way is it justifiable to interfere in their personal matters and make a big deal out of it or create rumors about them.

Apart from Twitter, Patterson shares his moments with Nicholas through his Instagram handle, but Saryan always seems to be missing from those posts. This is probably because Saryan has decided to cut down all of her ties with any form of media and chosen to live her life in solace at a place where random strangers won’t be passing comments on her looks or activities.

Net Worth

Kristine Saryan Net Worth

Assessing the net worth of both Saryan and Patterson have been somewhat challenging for our experts, since neither of them are comfortable with sharing their personal details in public. However, based on the career engagements, current living conditions and family information, we have been able to accumulate approximate net worths individually for both of these celebrities.

For Patterson, it has been relatively easier since he’s spent his time in baseball and had a long career in both the television and film industry. Records could be accessed and if they are to be held as his prime sources of income, then we can state that Scott Patterson net worth is somewhere around $15 million.

However, it’s highly complex when it comes to Saryan. We’ve followed similar methods of assessments, investigated her modeling career along with investment in the fashion industry and yet have come short on precision. We can still give you an estimation of her net worth, but it would be quite vague and can fall into anywhere inside the given gradient. As of 2024, Kristine Saryan net worth is approximately between $1 million to $3 million.


Here, we are going to offer you a brief biography of Kristine Saryan so that you can manage to gain a brief understanding of this individual’s personal & professional information at once glance to save you tons of time.

Full Name Kristine Saryan
Year of Birth 1984
Place of Birth California, USA
Net Worth Between $1M to $3M
Spouse Scott Patterson
No. of Children 1
Height 163 cm (64 in)
Current Occupation Stay-at-home mother


Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hope you’ve been able to learn some amount of new facts about Kristine Saryan. To sum up, not a lot of information can be accessed easily about her because of her choice to keep herself away from the media. She is happily married with a child and we should most certainly respect her privacy.

In terms of her identity, we presume it won’t be any longer necessary to regard her as Scott Patterson’s wife and know her by her actual name. This is the least amount of dignity every individual wishes to have, and as intellectual human beings with some degree of knowledge on her life, we can most certainly acknowledge that.

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