Selena Green Vargas: The Story That’s Unresolved Till Date

Selena Green Vargas

The Selena Green Vargas controversy is something that still echoes through the social media platforms and prominent forums due to the mysterious chain of incidents. According to some, the entire story has not fully been unearthed till date, and researchers are going all bazonkas in the hopes of reaching the root of the story yet coming short at every attempt.

The Vargas story falls nothing short of a detective thriller mystery novel due to how everything has unfolded. The ambiguity is reinforced even more because not a lot of people know who she actually is and what she did for a living. There are a few conspiracy theories floating all over the internet right now, and our article has picked up on some of them in order to spill the beans to our beloved readers.

So, buckle up and follow us along in this inexplicable journey through all these stories so that you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of this phenomena. We won’t promise you that you’ll be able to find a substantial conclusion based on evidence, but what we can assure you is that you’ll feel deeply intrigued with every step you take into this article.

Who Is Selena Green Vargas?

Who Is Selena Green Vargas

You might wonder who Selena Green Vargas actually is after listening to all the fuss that’s been made around this name. For starters, she was born on July 19, 1990 in Bellflower California, USA. She gained her initial popularity as an adult film actress back in 2015 since in those days social media adult influencers haven’t had such strong support in terms of remuneration.

Vargas starred in quite a few videos, one of which popped around successfully in the adult video websites and gained an astonishing 14 million views. She had the potential to become one of the highest revered adult actresses if she continued her venture and you’d probably have known her name for different reasons. But as shocking as it may sound, Vargas is currently renown for her disappearance from every aspect of life.

How did it all turn so blue and upside down for her? How did the netizens get involved? Let’s check these out in our following section where we tell you her captivating tale!

The ‘Selena Green Vargas’ Story

Selena Green Vargas Story

While Vargas had her adult film career in full throttle and picked up Instagram and other social media platforms to increase her popularity among her fans, something happened that changed the direction of her story almost in the opposite direction.

On the 4Chan platform, her fans suddenly found a post of Vargas’ photo with another individual who happened to look like wearing a Navy Seal uniform. And alongside this picture, there was another that showed Vargas about to perform some sort of sexual act on someone wearing toursers of the same uniform from the previous picture.

The caption of these pictures asked to rate them in terms of how they look together. It may come to you as a horror that this was the very last time people had seen or heard anything about Vargas. Some claim that the account that posted the pictures on 4Chan was the same dude seen in the picture with her, while others suggest that it was someone else who hacked into the couple’s private photos and leaked them online.

Regardless, the netizens had bashed the guy in a Navy Seal uniform for posting this picture, not knowing what the actual story behind it was. Some of the sources claim to have found out the reason behind posting this photo, a heart-wrenching tale that we’re going to share with you in a few moments. But now, we’ll tell you how it all affected Vargas’ personal life and career in the adult industry.

A Complete Disappearance

After this incident, Vargas was mysteriously missing from all scenes including her home and locality. Police file was reported due to her absence, some speculating she was kidnapped after the 4Chan incident.

Others assume that it was because of the exposure she had gained tied to a Navy Seal officer that resulted in this consequence, as it’s part of national security or something similar that demands a retreat from her end.


Now back to the touching story that we’ve mentioned about. It is believed by some that Vargas actually hid her involvement with the adult industry from her Navy Seal boyfriend. But there’s nothing an individual with 14 million views on her video can do to cover up something so big from her partner.

Presumably, her partner found out about her career and felt cheated to some extent. It broke his heart so much that he went on to publish photographs of their intimate moments to the 4Chan website, which is commonly identified as a coping mechanism after going through such a painful phase. Although it’s never encouraged to share such personal stuff after experiencing something like this, we are merely trying to understand his side of the story without throwing any judgment.

Vargas probably saw her career as something she does professionally, without any emotional attachment. Thus, her involvement with her partner while keeping on making adult videos didn’t feel like cheating on her end. We’d say her only mistake was the fact that she chose to hide it. But her partner felt cheated nonetheless which is to some extent understandable.

After this devastating heartbreak from both ends, Vargas may have chosen to withdraw herself from every aspect of her career and life. Maybe she was hurt badly because she felt she was misunderstood? This claim can be linked to an incident that can be used as a verification.

Since Vargas disappeared, no one claimed ownership to her adult video accounts. But her personal Instagram account went private from the public, and her bio read: “Before you judge me make sure you’re perfect.” What if she meant her partner had judged her for her career path, and asked him to make sure he is perfect because if he is the one who posted their photos, he is clearly at fault.

Thus, the Vargas saga concludes with her absence from all forms of media outlets and no one can tell us where she is right now. Her fans still hope that she might resurface on social media and share the whole story herself. Until then, we can do nothing but to speculate based on miniscule factors.

Alternate ‘Vargas’ Story

There’s another story circulating around Selena Green Vargas, but our experts doubt that the two are the same person or connected in any way. This other Vargas was a 23 year old woman, assumed to be schizophrenic and had the tendency to get lost on a regular basis.

Back in 2010, she lost her child ‘Levi’ to a murder committed by her husband’s side of family as she claimed publicly. Since then she sought justice for such an untimely loss but never managed to find any. Her voice reached the online platforms though but everything went in vain. These pressures along with her disease made things difficult for her, until one day she was reported missing.

Unlike our first Vargas, this individual was met with tragic consequences. Police found her dead body near an apartment complex in Houston, Texas. Her family members reported that she used to have bruised marks on her body during her stay with her husband. Her dead body was confirmed through a DNA test and two abductors had been arrested under murder and rape allegations on Vargas.

Selena Green Vargas: An Adult Actress Biography

In this section, we’ll take a brief look at Vargas’ personal information based on her last public presence during the days of her career as an adult film actress.

Full Name Selena Green Vargas
Date of Birth July 19, 1990
Place of Birth Bellflower California, USA
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height 167 cm (66 in)
Weight 132 pounds (60 kg)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Last Seen Around 2015


No matter how you choose to see it, both the Vargas stories are tragic and deeply saddening due to how things had happened to them and the tragic consequences on one end while complete disappearance from the other. Although we said these two aren’t connected in any way, from their story we can make this connection among them – both have suffered through difficulties and relocating to the States for a better life didn’t serve them well.

Their stories speak of domestic abuses, mental health illnesses and heartbreaks due to miscommunication between partners. We can really take lessons from them and their struggles. It won’t do them any good but this is the only way we can honor their sufferings that they had faced for years, and one of them probably is still going through.

With this, we end our article, although mostly based on analytic assumptions and speculations, on a sad note. May both of their souls find solace in this life, and the life after.

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