Steve Will Do It Net Worth 2024: Calculating The Wealth and Assets of The American YouTuber

Steve Will Do It net worth

Videos that glorify college color have always been around and welcomed with open arms on YouTube. While loads of channels have produced content that is based on that genre alone, very few YouTubers were able to rise to prominence amongst that category. One of them is American sensation and social media personality, Steve Will Do It.

Before creating his own YouTube channel with 4.7 million followers and garnering over 3.7 million fans on social media platform Instagram, Steve Will Do It had a life that wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary. However, things changed overnight when Kyle, YouTuber and founder of prominent channel Nelk Boys, stumbled upon a video of Steve’s. The pair met in May 2019, joined forces, and the rest was history.

These days, Steve Will Do It is known for his wholesome videos, which often involves him giving back to his fans through the means of gifts, cars, and generous acts. While his influence has rewarded him with a massive following and brought him tons of fame, being a renowned social media influencer has also brought Steve Will Do It a ton of fortune and wealth.

Moving on, if you’ve been a fan of Steve Will Do It for ages now, but are still unsure about how this YouTuber with an over-the-top personality currently has a net worth of $10 million, make sure to stick around until the end to have all your queries answered!

Revealing The Real Net Worth of Steve Will Do It: Is He Really That Rich?!

Real net worth of Steve Will Do It

Steve Will Do It started making videos and posting them on YouTube in 2015. The content he made back then was the polar opposite of what he makes now, as it mostly featured drinking and eating contests. Although the results and the reception of those videos weren’t convincing enough for Steve to pursue a career as a YouTuber, his tolerance for alcohol left Kyle, co-founder of Nelk, speechless. Stephen was then offered a contract to be the latest member of Nelk Boys; a deal that he sealed.

At the moment, Steve Will Do It’s net worth stands at a whopping $10 million. Though his massive following on YouTube and having an average view of 2.1 million per video has surely played a crucial role in shaping up his net worth, we believe that his YouTube channel isn’t his only source of income.

On top of having a YouTube channel that allows Steve Will Do It to earn over $985,000 on an annual basis, Steve Will Do Italso earns from his sponsorship deals as well as the business ventures he has.

Amongst the sponsors that Steve has, one of the biggest brands that he is in collaboration with is Stake, leading online casino and betting platform. While their deal seems much rather temporary, Steve Will Do It often promotes Stake in his videos and even has his own promo code.

Steve Will Do It also has deals with other sweepstakes firms such as Roobet and Wizza. He regularly goes on twitch to promote the potential of both the platforms, and has even streamed his gambling session on the crypto casino multiple times.

In addition to having concrete sponsorship deals, Steve Will Do It is also the co-founder of Happy Dad, a hard seltzer brand that hit the shelves last year. As of 2024, Happy Dad has sold over 26.4 million cans. It is currently the biggest hard seltzer brand on Instagram with a following of 950,000.

Steve Will Do It also makes a substantial sum from the merch sales of Nelk, Full Send, Happy Dads, which allows the whole group to pull in around $70 million a year!

In conclusion, while various websites claim that Steve Will Do It net worth has yet to cross seven figures, we believe that, with everything that he’s done as a solo YouTuber in addition to the contribution he made for Nelk Boys, it is safe to say that Steve’s net worth is surely at a whopping $10 million as of 2024.

Trivial Facts About Steve Will Do It: Height, D.O.B, Zodiac Sign, and More!

Now that his net worth and the multiple ways in which Steve makes his income is out of the way, here are some fascinating facts about the 24-year old YouTuber Steve Will Do It that you should definitely be wary of!

Name Stephen Rocco Deleonardis
Also Known As Steve Will Do It
D.O.B August 26, 1998 (24 Years Old)
Sex Male
Hometown Oviedo, Florida, United States
Height 5’9 (1.75m)
Relationship Status Dating; Celina Smith (2021 – Present)
Net Worth 10 Million USD
Zodiac Leo
Occupation YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, Bodybuilder
Years Active 2015 – Present
Alma Mater Oviedo High School
Instagram 3.6 million followers
YouTube 4.7 million subscribers

Life Before Fame: A Closer Look Into Steve Will Do It’s Personal Life

Stephen Rocco Deleonardis, commonly known as Steve Will Do It, was born on 26 August, 1998, in Oviedo, Florida. Apart from his mother and father, Steve also has a brother named Rocco Deleonardis and a younger sister, Briana Deleonardis.

Steve Will Do It’s personal life

Before Steve became the fastest YouTuber to garner over 1 million subscribers and became the heart and soul of Nelk Boys, he would often make videos of food challenges and post them on Instagram to entertain the 50,000 followers that his account had at the time. One of the YouTubers he collaborated with before he rose to prominence was Shoenice, an American YouTuber who mostly specialized in creating videos that contained food challenges. While the actual footage has been removed, the video was reuploaded in 2013 by a user on the platform.

Prior to being renowned for his flamboyant personality and over-the-top videos, Steve also participated in a bodybuilding contest in high school. To make weight for the contest, the YouTuber had to follow a strict and clean diet for 10 weeks straight.

Although Steve was very much active on instagram in 2015, he wasn’t as serious about his career as a Youtuber until 2019. Before his career took off significantly, Steve would regularly record mukbangs and eating videos under the influence of cannabis.

So far, in addition to being a prominent member of Nelk Boys, SteveWillDoIt has also collaborated with other influencers such as Bradley Martyn, Machine Gun Kelly, David Dobrik, Steve Aoki, and more.

The Darkside of SteveWillDoIt: Channel Removal, Controversies, Feuds, and More

The darkside of SteveWillDoIt

Regardless of how much SteveWillDoIt partakes in recreational activities, we would be lying if we say that the star doesn’t give back to his fans. Since 2020, on top of giving back to his peers, Steve has also rewarded his fans through various giveaways. He even surprised a fan with a Tesla in 2021, and gave away multiple six figure watches to his friends and family members. However, all this generosity still couldn’t save him from the law or prevent him from having his channel removed.

In 2017, at 18 years of age, Steve was arrested in Florida for the possession of substantial amounts of marijuana, also known as cannabis. Prior to being arrested in Florida, Steve had another run in with the law and was cuffed for driving under the influence of alcohol.

During the final week of July, 2022, SteveWillDoIt was banned from YouTube. As a penalty, his channel was removed indefinitely and has yet to be reinstated to this day. The youtuber shared this devastating news with his fans on Instagram on 2 August, 2022.

Bottom Line

We hope this article answers all the queries you have about SteveWillDoIt, but more importantly, is reliable enough to prove the whopping net worth of $10 million that the YouTuber has under his belt at the moment.

Taking into consideration how his channel has yet to stop growing, we believe that his fortune, fanbase, as well as influence will just keep increasing with each passing day. Moreover, when that day does arrive, make sure to pay us a visit to acquire knowledge about his future wealth!

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