What Is Terry Flenory Net Worth In 2024? [Income Sources & Activities]

Terry Flenory net worth

The Black Mafia family has been one of the most talked about organizations back in the early 2000s. Founded by the Flenory family, the BMF Entertainment had become a music production platform for prominent rappers at the time of its inception.

Business through such mediums raised questions like: what is Terry Flenory net worth? These questions were valid back then, and it continued to be valid until now because of the nature of business the BMF had conducted.

Terry Flenory’s involvement had always been intimate with this organization, although it was founded by his elder brother Demetrius Flenory (also known as Big Meech). The brothers had actually been involved with drug business that saw them to their current state, and the fall of that empire had harsh consequences.

From fallout between brothers, musical records, drug busts and prison sentences – all of which has made these incidents altogether no less than a television drama. And the Flenory brothers had indeed been featured in a popular documentary TV Show to tell the audience their tales.

With all these happenings and information, you’ll be able to get a proper insight into the life & worth of Terry Flenory by reading this article, and know how things have come down to the way they are right now!

Terry Flenory Net Worth + Biography

Terry Flenory biography

Now is the time for the burning question: what is Terry Flenory net worth? Based on all his illegal activity, drug cartel profit & BMF Entertainment revenue, his assets’ worth can be somewhat assumed by economic experts.

It is estimated that the Black Mafia Family has earned a total around 300 million USD from their drug sales back in the days. And as a part of that, Terry Flenory’s net worth is approximately 40-50 million USD. In Terry’s death, his assets would be handed over to his wife & two children.

Let’s take a look at the concise biography section of Terry Flenory in order to learn a few details & information about his entire life.

Full Name Terry P. O. Lee Flenory
Gangster Name Southwest T
Date of Birth January 10, 1972
Height 68 in (172 cm)
Net Worth $40-$50M
Spouse Tonessa Welch
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Year of Arrest 2008
Education High School Graduate
Ethnicity Mixed (African descendent)

Who Is Terry Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory is the younger of the two Flenory siblings who also goes by the name “Southwest T”. He borrowed his name from their origin of Southwest Detroit in Michigan, where they ran their gigantic drug empire of importing & distributing cocaine.

Since the brothers grew up in that neighborhood, they’ve always had direct interaction with the locals. They started selling drugs at a very early age, back in the days when they went to school together. This initial operation with drugs had laid their foundation of what conspired to be one of the biggest cocaine empires in the region.

Terry Flenory has always been an integral part of the organization. His knack for hip hop & rap helped the expansion of their business as the front cover, and ended up producing a few musical scores as well.

Their creative approach to drug business had left the Drug Enforcement Agency perplexed for a substantial amount of time, and left the common people like us wondering about Terry Flenory net worth after a long exposure in drug business & music production!

Brief Overview

Terry Flenory’s involvement with BMF is divided into two distinct parts. Initially, Terry & Big Meech started their enterprise back in the 80s. Initially, their central hub for storing & distributing hub was placed in Atlanta, Detroit from where they would run their business. They imported massive cargos of cocaine from Mexico in the most creative of ways!

The BMF came into play in a very handy way during such import & export based needs. This hip hop front allowed them a great deal of convenience as it was a solid cover front for laundering their illegal money. Also, the brothers had been wanting to establish a legal business should their illegal counterpart come to halt one day.

BMF would use their expensive limousines as trap cars to transport drugs in & out of their depot in Atlanta. They used false bodywork to hide the cocaine and deliver them to their clients. In return, the stash of money would also be transported in the same way, all the way across the border to Mexico to pay their cocaine producers.

Drug Bust

The brothers had developed a dispute between themselves that saw Terry Flenory leave Atlanta for good. He moved to California and extended BMF business there which found immense success. The separation turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the brothers, and it was the peak of business for them.

Over the years between 2003-2007, the DEA had picked up on the pattern of BMF operations and had started making arrests to reach the root cause of the drug empire. Eventually, they were able to tie up the brothers with this due to testimonies and some huge drug busts the country had ever seen.

DEA had claimed in their statement that the BMF members had been found possessing cocaine over 100 kilos and relevant charges have been pressed against them. Courts had passed indictments for the ones that left the country, and arrest warrants for the accused BMF members.

Terry Flenory along with his brother had been taken into custody for these charges, and they had been sent to prison to serve at least until 2032. Terry was allowed to serve house arrest during the COVID-19 pandemic and it has given birth to another rumor which asks: Is Terry Flenory still alive?

Big Meech however didn’t receive any treatment as such, but his prison sentence had been reduced down 3 years due to an alteration in the law that holds him confined.

BMF Series

BMF Series

The BMF had gained so much popularity in the US that the end of their empire generated a craving to know what had actually happened behind closed curtains. In 2021, STARZ aired a TV Series titled Black Mafia Family directed by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, which is based on the real life incidents of Terry Flenory and co.

This show justifies the Terry Flenory net worth by showing his lifestyle & a hint of his assets that support our initial claim. Big Meech’s role has been played by his own son Demetrius Flenory Jr., which is poetic in itself.

Final Thoughts

Terry Flenory has been as involved as his elder brother Demetrius, but has received less spotlight than the latter. However, his involvement in these affairs landed him a fortune, and the Terry Flenory net worth has still been able to drop a few jaws upon learning.

His interest in hip hop music cannot be denied to be honest, and should he not been a drug trafficker, he might have been a solid contributor in this genre of music, and may have won over our hearts. But all we can do is ask in ‘what if’s, and wait a little further to know how his life finally unfolds.

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