Tyler Henry Net Worth 2024: Measuring The Current Fortune Of E! Network’s Star!

Tyler Henry Net Worth

Clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry is typically acknowledged due to his influence over pop culture. In addition to having his own show on E! Television Network, Tyler is also an author who has published two memoirs; both of which were released in the years 2016 and 2022 respectively.

While he’s often been a topic of discussion due to the semi-fixed hot and cold readings that he provided to his guests on his tv show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, specific pieces of information regarding his lifestyle such as his net worth, relationship status, as well as useful data about his family members have yet to surface on the web. However, that’s when this article comes in!

If you’re really eager to know about everything and anything related to Tyler Henry and interested about the hefty payout that he received from E! Television Network after starring on his own show, buckle up and stick around while we handle your queries with the help of this writeup!

Estimating Tyler Henry’s Net Worth Using Factual Pieces Of Information

Estimating Tyler Henry’s Net Worth

Taking into account the fact that Tyler Henry is very much a fresh face in Hollywood at the moment, and is far from his prime still, the estimated net worth of $3 million that he currently has is nothing short of astounding!

Tyler’s current primary paycheck comes from touring; an activity that he regularly partakes in. He typically never organises shows outside the United States, but always holds them at venues in all of the 50 states that the country has. Tickets to his shows start at $39.99 and end at $120 for front row seats.

Additionally, before getting another show in 2022 on Netflix titled “Life After Death With Tyler Henry,” Tyler starred on the show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, which ran from 2016-2019 and lasted for 4 seasons in total. While an official breakdown for each contract was never unveiled to the public eye, it is believed that both of them were worth over a million each, which surely helped Tyler’s estimated net worth reach new heights.

Tyler Henry also earned a handsome fee for partaking in reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2016 and also secured an admirable paycheck for the brief cameo that he made in the 2021 film, Blue Bayou as Kamal.

He reportedly hosts private sessions as well, which currently has 15,000 pending clients in hand. While the fee he charges isn’t on the website, we assume that each one hour session starts at $150 – $200 due to the influence he has on pop culture.

All in all, while Tyler Henry has made some questionable readings and has been called out as well as ridiculed for being one of the many con artists of Hollywood, the estimated net worth of Tyler Henry, which currently stands at $3 million, is probably one of the very few claims that seems rather believable about the 26-year old clairvoyant medium.

Tyler Henry: Family, Birthday, Partner, and More!

Now that you’ve learned about everything that Tyler Henry had to participate in to earn the fortune that he has as of 2024, reward yourself for making the time to get the latest scoop about the A-list celebrity. Do so by reading through the table below, which comprises fascinating trivial pieces of information regarding Tyler Henry, his partner, and his family members!

Name Tyler Henry Koelewyn
Also Known As Tyler Henry
D.O.B 13 January, 1996 (26 Years Old)
Sex Male
Hometown Hanford, California
Gender Orientation Gay
Relationship Status Taken
Partner(s) Clint Godwin
Family Members David Koelewyn (father), Theresa Koelewyn (mother)
Net Worth $3 Million
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Occupation Clairvoyant Medium, Television Personality
Alma Mater Sierra Pacific High School
Years Active 2016 – Present

Early and Personal Life Of Tyler Henry

Early and Personal Life Of Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry was born on 13 January 1996 in Hanford, California to parents David and Theresa Koelewyn. Tyler is an only child and initially discovered his talent as a medium when he was just 10 years old.

After finding out about the skills he possessed as a medium, Tyler lost interest in seeking tertiary education. While he did attend Sierra Pacific High School and stuck around until he graduated, Tyler chose to pursue a career in tarot reading and as a television personality instead of going to college in 2016.

Tyler’s mother, Theresa Koelewyn, is a regular feature on Tyler’s show Life After Death with Tyler Henry, and is also Tyler’s best friend and go-to person in real life. On one of the episodes of the show, it was revealed that Stella Guidry Nestle, the woman who raised Tyler’s mother, was a convicted murder who killed and tortured two people in her lifetime.

When it comes to gender orientation and relationships, Tyler is openly gay, and has been with his partner, Clint Godwin, for over half a decade now. Prior to entering a relationship, Clint was one of the many clients of Tyler Henry. He is also a photographer who also made several appearances on Tyler’s first show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, in 2019.

Prediction About Alan Thicke’s Death

Prediction About Alan Thicke’s Death

Being a tarot reader or a clairvoyant medium came naturally to Tyler Henry. Although he often claims that his readings are authentic and aren’t based on pre-existing pieces of information, scientific activists as well as mediumship enthusiasts claim that Tyler Henry is a con artist, just like every other reader.

However, one of the very few times Tyler Henry received the praise that he was always seeking came from Alan Thicke’s death, which he had predicted on an earlier episode of his show.

Alan Thicke died due to heart problems in 2016 when he was 69 years old. While heart disease is extremely common in countries like America, the cause of Alan Thicke’s death was predicted by Tyler Henry in an episode prior to his passing, in which Alan was the client.

While many critics labelled his prediction as “lucky” and hardly impressed by it, fans of Tyler Henry were quick to bring up his prediction on Twitter just hours after Thicke’s death.


American clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry has made a name for himself in a rather short period of time. He had his own show titled “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” on E! Network which premiered in 2016 and lasted until 2019. Shortly afterward, Tyler landed another deal, which rewarded him with his own show “Life After Death with Tyler Henry,” which premiered on Netflix in early 2022.

In addition to being one of the younger Hollywood personalities with a passion for mediumship, Tyler Henry has a loyal fan base that is only becoming more sizable with each day. His influence has also allowed him to collaborate with big-shot celebrities like Megan Fox, The Kardashians, and Chad Michael Murray, while also allowing him to create content with internet celebrities like The Try Guys.

All the work paid off for Tyler Henry in recent years, as the star has an impressive fan base now which won’t be concluding anytime soon, just like his net worth; which currently stands at an estimate of $3 million.

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