Victoria Avila Cornelius (Don Cornelius’ Wife): Daughter, Age, Net Worth & Other Details

Victoria Avila Cornelius

The Victoria Avila Cornelius marriage controversy is probably known to us all, credit goes to the early stages of social media platforms and various tabloids. This Russian model, renowned mostly for her involvement with Don Cornelius is often referred to as his wife and not as an accomplished individual that she made herself to become.

In recent times, social media outlets have witnessed a large number of netizens searching for Victoria Avila Cornelius’ personal details like her age, information on her daughter, her net worth and so on. Our experts have taken the responsibility upon their shoulders to quench the thirst for knowledge of such curious minds and investigated deeper into the matters.

If you go through our article, you’ll learn a great deal about this individual – starting from her personal life to the major incidents tied to her name. We’ve verified our sources for utmost authenticity, and what you’re going to read in the following sections are completely based on facts and evidence!

So without any more delay, follow us along in the highly eventful journey through Victoria’s life, and find out how she ended up being where she is right now!

Who Is Victoria Avila Cornelius?

Who Is Victoria Avila Cornelius

We’ll start from the very basics. If you ask who this individual is, then we’ll say: Victoria Avila Cornelius was a Russian model who went by the stage name Victoria Chapman. Not much information on her early life could be found out since she was born in Russia and moved to the States much later in her life and didn’t talk about her past in any public platform.

One of her most remarkable achievements has been her crowned victory as Miss Universe back in the 80’s. Other than that, her works include acting in films and TV Serieses namely: The Bold and the Beautiful (1987), Club Vampire (1998) and Women of the Night. Although she didn’t carry any major roles in these productions, her name is still linked with them for her appearances.

Victoria drew the attention of American media properly when she decided to tie the knot with famous television show host and creator of dance and music show Soul Train, Don Cornelius – from whom she inherited the surname. CNN’s emphatic tribute to Cornelius told us how he single handedly made this show into a success, more on that later.

Victoria and Don married each other in 2001 and she was his second wife, next to Delores Harrison. While Victoria didn’t bear any children in her life, Don had two sons with his former wife. Victoria and Don had been together for nine years until they parted ways in 2009 in a divorce that embodies controversy even till date.

Info On Don Cornelius

Info On Don Cornelius

Since we are exploring Victoria’s life, a grand portion of that is occupied by the man himself, Don Cornelius and thus, makes it important for us to dip into his major details as well. Donald Cortez Cornelius was born on September 27, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was initially a civil rights movement journalist and gained recognition for the introduction of African-American musical trends to popular platforms.

This is where his concept of Soul Train originated as he featured black musical artists and brought them to the audience. The likes of Marvin Gaye or Michael Jackson had been exposed to mass media by Cornelius and his work for the black community for extending their reach is undoubtedly a landmark achievement of his career that we should truly admire.

Despite such feats & achievements, the latter stages of his life weren’t composed like a fairytale. In the early 80’s, he went through an extensive brain surgery and he claims he wasn’t the same person afterward. He had seizures for the last 15 years of his life that saw him retire from Soul Train, and his death was as tragic a news as any other grand shock to the fans.

In February 2012, the police rushed into Cornelius’ house after gunshots had been reported from his residence to find him bleeding out of a gunshot wound to his head. It was assumed to be an attempted suicide which he succeeded in as the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center doctors declared him dead.

His health hasn’t been the most supportive thing in his life and the last six months have been terrifying for him. His suicide note stated that he wasn’t able to take it anymore as mentioned by TMZ. It was also reported that he had minor symptoms of Alzeheimer’s and dementia before his death, and the entire Soul Train community mourned the tragic end of this iconic host at the age of 75.

Victoria Cornelius’ Daughter

A lot of netizens have developed an interest in Victoria Cornelius’ daughter without realizing one major thing – she was childless in her marriage with Don. If we press it even further, Don didn’t have any daughter either with his first wife Delores except for their two sons. Then why such confusion? Let us clarify everything.

There has been a name being associated with the Cornelius family, and that name is Christina Marie Cornelius. Who is this young lady, might you ask? She is the step-granddaughter of Victoria Cornelius. How so? We’ll have to investigate Don’s sons for that precise information.

Don and Delores’ two sons were named Anthony and Raymond. Anthony is the older of the two and currently aged at 63. He too is in the entertainment biz like his father Don and has contributed to Soul Train for a significant amount of time. His only daughter is Christina, which makes her tied to Victoria in the most far-fetched way.

Christina is a talented individual who is rumored to be a Harvard graduate. She’s currently working in the fashion industry as a model and the closest thing to a daughter Victoria may have ever had.

Victoria Avila Cornelius’ Age

One of the toughest questions that doesn’t have any documented proof asks: how old is Victoria Avila Cornelius? No one can actually answer this question with absolute certainty since this individual has never shared any personal credentials with media personnels in the States and kept everything private.

However, based on her figure, facial folds and tenure in the industry, our experts have analyzed her approximate age and reached a conclusion. Based on these speculations, Victoria Avila Cornelius’ age resides between 45-50 years. If anything, it can be less than a couple of years from our estimate.

Net Worth

Victoria Avila Cornelius net worth

Another common question regarding this individual that isn’t found as a commonly mentioned knowledge is her net worth. Since there’s no substantial evidence or bank records available to anyone that she chooses not to share with, we can do nothing better than making calculated assumptions about this.

For starters, we know Don Cornelius’ net worth, credit goes to The Sun, which is set at $15 million at the time of his death. With a divorce settlement and earning from her career as a model & actress, our analysts suggest that Victoria Avila Cornelius net worth is approximately between $500k to $1 million, since she won $300k from her separation episode with Don.

Divorce Proceedings

Victoria’s divorce with Don had taken an ugly turn back in 2009. While restraining orders encompassed Don due to his tussle with the law, Victoria came out with allegations of domestic abuse that she had withstood throughout their entire marriage life, as mentioned by the People Magazine. Some claim this was the major reason behind Victoria’s decision of parting ways from him.

Also, Don was accused of tying up and sexually assaulting two Playboy bunnies at his home. The models had been locked up behind closed doors and the police had to get involved to release them. Don was arrested and prosecuted, and a restraining order from Victoria on top of that didn’t look good on the person who used to be America’s soul cleanser.


Here, we’ll take a brief look at Victoria Cornelius’ available information to gain a quicker understanding of this individual and her personal details.

Name Victoria Avila Cornelius
Origin Russia
Spouse Donald Cortez Cornelius (m. 2001; d. 2009)
No. of Children 0 (2 step sons)
Net Worth Between $500k to $1M


Now that you’ve reached the concluding mark of this article, you probably have a finer comprehension of the life & work of Victoria Avila Cornelius. We’ve looked under every stone to gather information on this individual, but it seems that she has done a great job at hiding her most personal details and refrained from sharing with the public.

However, we were able to find answers to the questions that are getting asked around frequently these days. We’ve speculated her age & net worth and clarified any confusion regarding the false claims about her daughter. We’ve tried to reach as early a phase of her life as we could and presented all of it right before you.

You now know who she is as an individual which removes her confined identity as Don Cornelius’ wife. Hopefully she’ll get more involved with the media in the future so that we can receive more detail on this former model’s life and activities. Till then, we’ll have to stay put with what we have now.

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