Who Is Alpo Martinez’ Wife? Deep Insight Into His Personal Life

Who is Alpo Martinez wife

Alpo Martinez is one of the infamous figures in the drug lord history of the United States. The people living in New York during the 90s era are well aware of his activities as well as the consequences that he had faced.

Alpo and his gang popped up on the news and talk shows quite prominently because of their contribution to the drug trafficking in the Manhattan area. Although a lot of info about his life and activities can be found on the internet or paperback media, one question remains unanswered due to the lack of credible sources: who is Alpo Martinez’ wife?

To reach deeper into this question, our article investigates this criminal gang lord’s life events & activities. Learning about all the details should help us better understand how he dealt with people and what became of him since he left the world of drug trafficking.

His undercover life still remains a mystery, and we hope to uncover that lifestyle to see whether he was married, if yes, then to whom? Additionally, if the former questions are both answered yes, might he have any children? Let’s figure all these out in our following sections!

Who Was Alpo Martinez?

Alpo Martinez

Despite Alpo’s fame as one of the largest drug lords New York has ever seen, there are many who don’t know about him. Alpo Martinez was born with the name Albert Geddis Martinez but used the former name to operate all his illegal activities. In short, he was even called just Alpo or Po, and under witness protection he was given the alias of Abraham G. Rodriquez.

Alpo was born on June 8, 1966 at the heart of New York City, and has been a true New Yorker all his life by living in East Harlem of Manhattan island. If looked into his origin, he is from a Puerto Rican descendant and was raised by his single mother.

If you’ve followed the TV Series Gangsters: America’s Most Evil, then you must’ve come across the episode that featured Alpo Martinez and his gang from their prime. The episode is titled “The Mayor of Harlem: Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez”, and the stories during Alpo’s gang involvement have been covered with the most authentic sources in a documentary style.

Alpo started his career in the drug business very early, only at the age of 13 years. After a few years into the trade & partnership with another drug seller, Alpo found quick success in his path. Within one decade of involvement with the business, Alpo saw himself at the peak of drug dealing in the East Harlem region.

He eventually shifted his business to Washington DC and gained recognition there as well. Pairing up with the local underground drug dealers, Alpo established his network of drugs and made himself a prominent position. Teaming up with a local convict ensured his success and safety in his newly formed territory.

Although Alpo should not be appreciated for the choice of trade he made in his life, it still must be acknowledged that the man knew how to operate a business. He invented some of the most unique methods to run an organization and thrive in a business that required supreme logistic knowledge. The Harlem World Magazine has featured him in one of their articles and you’ll find out a lot of inside information about this man from there.

Info On Alpo Martinez Wife

While we know so much about the life of Alpo Martinez, we were able to find very little about his wife or any family that he’s been attached to after leaving his mother behind. Some claim that he had a wife but no identification could be made out.

During his time under witness protection, his neighbors had seen different ladies visiting him on separate occasions. They could be his girlfriends, escorts or one of them might just have been his wife.

The little foundation of information that Alpo might have been married is the fact that sometimes he would have a couple of kids stay over at his place. These kids could be his children from any illegal love affair, his girlfriend’s or maybe his wife’s – whose identity is yet to be disclosed should she even exist.

Who Was Alpo Martinez’ Daughter?

Many have speculated that Alpo Martinez had a daughter. While it could never be confirmed, some claim that Alpo had a son named Randy who eventually entered the crime world and named himself “Popparazzi”. Although it has no factual ground to be certified, it’s almost certain that Alpo didn’t have a daughter.


Alpo has been convicted of a number of charges pressed against him. The convictions included murder, conspiracy to commit murder and various drug charges. He was confirmed to be a massive murderer who killed his business partners and even his friends. In addition to that, he had many criminal charges too.

After a long time of ruling in the States as the drug kingpin from Harlem, Alpo was arrested by the law enforcers on November 6, 1991. He faced trial in court and was given a 35 year prison time punishment. However, he agreed to help out the government as a federal informant in exchange for the witness protection program in 2015.

Alpo was renowned for his lavishing lifestyle in the past as the drug kingpin, but his second life was completely different than that. The Sun Journal had investigated this former drug lord’s life and found out that he lived in the simplest of manners. His neighbors never suspected for a second that it was the infamous gang leader living amongst them like one of their own.

How Did Alpo Die?

How Did Alpo die

He was placed in New York with his new identity which was unknown to anyone outside a handful of federal agents. Yet Alpo was met with a fatal incident that took his life prematurely. While riding his motorbike late at night, Alpo Martinez was shot to death by a truck drive-by gun shooting. He was shot several times, which hints at the possibility of a revenge-based murder.

But the senior law enforcers deny this claim arguing that there has been no leak of information that could tie Alpo to his new alias. Whether you believe it or not, the manner of his death needs to be too much of a coincidence to be shot dead like this by a former gang member.


Now we’ll dive into the life events & details of Alpo Martinez to see an overview from his start till the end.

Birth Name Albert Geddis Martinez
Alternate Alias Alpo Martinez, Abraham G. Rodriquez, Alpo, Po
Date of Birth June 8, 1966
Place of Birth East Harlem, New York City, U.S.
Date of Death October 31, 2021 (aged 55)
Place of Death Harlem, New York City, U. S.
Punishment For Crimes 35–year sentence
Spouse Unknown
Net Worth $1M (approximately)


In his life and death, Alpo Martinez didn’t leave behind any immediate family that we know of. Even if he did, he has done a good job covering it up, and for obvious reasons. Because otherwise in the far future they might face retaliation due to Alpo’s past life and later becoming an informant that drug cartels regard as a ‘rat’.

Even if they exist, we believe disclosing their identity on the internet should not be a wise idea for their sake. Because our interest in learning about someone innocent’s personal life can result in a fatal outcome, which is not the way we should approach our interests. But from the information we’ve analyzed, it is certain that no disclosure of Alpo Martinez’ wife has ever been made to the public or to the ones who had known him.

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