Who Is Andrew Santino’s Wife? Mysterious Secrecy Around Comedy Artist’s Marriage

Andrew Santino’s works are very popular among the comedy enthusiasts and has been able to generate a handsome fanbase all over the world. Apart from being a stand-up comedian and podcaster, Andrew has appeared in a large number of films and television series, most of which reside in the comedy genre. Even if you’re not a fan, we can guarantee that you’ve watched his work at any point in your life.

Apart from receiving critical acclaim along with his works featured in prominent news outlets, his personal life has been brought to the center of contention in recent times. Social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook are currently witnessing a large surge of inquiry regarding Andrew Santino’s wife, which many of the consumers didn’t see heading their way.

This article starts with addressing his personal life information before moving on to his personal relationships. We’ve explored whether he is married or not, and if he is, who that lucky individual is. Since there’s a shortage of facts in this matter, we had to take refuge in some of the speculations and have all of it laid bare right before you for your own assessment.

Who Is Andrew Santino?

Who Is Andrew Santino

For those of you who don’t know Santino, we’ve presented all of his personal details in this section to acquaint you with this star. Andrew W. Santino was born on October 16, 1983 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as mentioned by the Vulture Magazine. He goes by a few pseudonyms that he endorsed as a stand-up comedian or for his personas in his podcast. His aliases include: Slugger Santino, The Red Rocket, Cheeto dust cultivator, Cheeto Santino andThe Last of the Great Gingers.

He has spent his entire childhood in the River North, Chicago area and was brought up by a single mother. His toils in life provided a deeper understanding about how things function and as a defense mechanism he committed to the satirizing genre to present issues in a mocking manner. In an interview, Santino told the media that he has attended Arizona State University.

His journey into comedy began at the age of 23. His natural delivery along with witty jokes caught the attention of many, some of which included prominent producers and directors. These recognitions landed him his gigs in front of the camera and eventually saw him receiving a ticket into the bigger ponds of fishes.

Career Journey

Andrew Santino career journey

Santino has been a part of some of the most unique and intriguing films as well as TV shows throughout his career. Many of his works have been picked up by prominent media outlets and these will remain as his career achievements that many artists only dream of attaining at some point in their lives.

Sandino played the role of Jake Tulius in the show Sin City Saints back in 2015 which was featured in the New York Times that very year. A year prior to that, Santino starred as Bruce in Mixology TV series that was regarded as a “inordinately appealing comedy” by the Variety Magazine. You’ll find similar instances where his work has been appreciated by the critics and everything combined together has established him as a successful comedy artist.

Santino even went on to produce his own comedy show and is currently appearing in Dave as a recurring character. The NBC drama This Is Us has also witnessed some of his brilliant work and between these, stand-ups and hosting/producing podcasts have successfully secured his place in the hearts of many comedy lovers worldwide.

Is Andrew Santino Married?

This is time for us to clear the air regarding one issue that has been circulating on and on for days in social media – the issue of Andrew Santino’s wife. Let’s start with the most basic question: is Andrew Santino married? For the most part of his career it felt like the answer to this question was a ‘NO’, but in a recent podcast it appears that the actual answer is something different.

During a podcast interview with Whitney Cummings, Santino conceded that he is actually married. Although he backs it up by stating that he didn’t intend on falling for her, there is something about her that literally won his heart and he had to give in to his feelings for her.

Despite such an honest confession, Santino chose not to share anything about his wife. There was and still is no hint of her name, her profession or even how the two actually met. Santino prefers to keep his marriage life private and it could be for any reason he deems is valid.

We, as his fans, should respect his privacy and wait until he decides to bring his wife before the public because that is the right thing to do from our ends.

Andrew Santino Net Worth

Andrew Santino net worth

As we’ve witnessed that Andrew Santino has a decorous career with involvement in some of the most successful franchises within the industry. His Lil Dicky story in Dave was such a hit that it was even featured by Forbes. His engagements all these years and grand success in the comedy scene leaves us with much calculation, but we have been able to accumulate his income.

In the year 2023, Andrew Santino net worth is estimated to be around $1.4 million, which is slightly less than what it was a year ago. His major source of income is his stand-up comedy, along with other sources that include his movies, TV shows and podcasts.

Despite his worth decreasing in only a year, his net worth actually multiplied starting from 2019. Experts speculate that this spike was due to the success he recently achieved in the comedy industry. One prime example of such a matter is his involvement with the How I Met Your Dad project from FOX that renamed itself to How I Met Your Father and aired in January this year on the Hulu platform.

Andrew Santino’s Sister Ali Mac

For a stand-up comedian who often goes bazookas with his family or wife jokes on his podcast, Santino is surprisingly secretive about his family members. Even after all these years, fans haven’t had a glimpse at his personal life which begs the curiosity to be satisfied.

However, one of the rare instances he went deeper into his family affairs was when he invited his sister Ali Macofsky Santino over to his podcast Whiskey Ginger for an interview. The clever chap still managed to maneuver through the personal questions and touched down on solely matters that are already put on public display by Ali Mac.

Like her brother, Ali Mac is also a stand-up comedian who goes by this stage name for its catchy pronunciation. It was a light session with a comedic atmosphere between siblings as they joked about almost everything. Santino asked about her skate incidents, tattoo interests and a missed opportunity of working with Joe Rogan.

Based on these interactions, it can be assumed that the siblings share a beautiful relationship and are still in touch with each other. Ali Mac has recently developed quite a fanbase in her Instagram profile for her unique delivery in stand-up comedy. It seems that natural comedy is a shared attribute between the Santinos after all!

Fanbase Of Andrew Santino

The rising number in Santino’s social media profiles is clear evidence that suggests his upward incline as a comedy artist among the fans of the genre. His Twitter account is currently a verified one with a follower count of 90.6k. Santino posts a lot of videos on his Youtube channel and thus the subscriber number has peaked at 103k with around 8 million views overall.

His loyal fans are always attending his stand-up sessions for a good laugh and there are new fans joining the group each day. We reckon his numbers will spike up significantly in the coming years should he commit to continuing this career path.


This biography section on Andrew Santino tells us briefly about his personal information as well as an overall insight into his career, so don’t forget to give it a quick look!

Full Name Andrew W. Santino
Nicknames Slugger Santino

The Red Rocket

Cheeto dust cultivator

Cheeto Santino

Date of Birth October 16, 1983
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, USA
Zodiac Sign Libra
Relationship Status Married
Sibling(s) 1 (Ali Macofsky Santino)
Height 185 cm (73 in)
Net Worth $1.4M


Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hope that you’ve been able to learn something new about this prominent comedy artist Andrew Santino. Our dedicated team has gone to all extents to unearth information that hadn’t been popularized in public before.

It is clear that this star is highly secretive of his personal life, thus we’ve found no substantial data on Andrew Santino’s wife – her name or even her whereabouts. She was only mentioned once in an interview and on random occasions as parts of his stand-up jokes.

Maybe one day he’ll bring her before his adoring fans, but until then we’ll have to hold on to what we know and hope that Santino chooses to share their story. If such happens, be sure that we’ll be the first to pick up on that scoop.

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