Who is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife? Meet Jessica Olson

Dirk Nowitzki is a former basketball player for the German national team and a special advisor to Dallas Mavericks.

He was married to the love of his life Jessica Olsson. Jessica has a Kenyan background and a black skin color and she became famed after marrying the 7 feet giant athlete.

Throughout their relationship, the color of their skin has been a topic of discussion and their relationship is titled the “Color of Love” by AndScape.

Many fans of Nowitzki have been dying to know details about his wife Jessica. In this story, we dive deep into their relationship details and will take you along on the journey.

But first, let’s look at the Maverick star Nowitzki for a bit. Shall we?

Dirk Nowitzki: Meet the 7 Feet Giant of Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki 7 Feet Giant of Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki is a former professional basketball player who is now a special advisor for the Dallas Mavericks. The European legend has been the center of fame in the NBA and is often considered the best European basketball player.

Nowitzki was born in Germany in a town called Würzburg and later was a player for the Würzburg basketball club. Both his parents are athletes. His mother is a professional basketball player and his father is a professional handball player. So Nowitzki gets the genes from his parents.

In European basketball history, there is no other player than Nowitzki who has played for one single NBA team for 21 seasons. During his playing career, he has achieved the Most Valuable Player Award in the NBA and is the highest-scoring foreign player in NBA history.

Among his other records, Nowitzki also is the first non-American to receive the Naismith Legacy Award. Even after his retirement, Nowitzki is still a legend for the German basketball team as he stands sixth on the list of all-time NBA players.

Who Is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife? Is There One?

Fans have often speculated about who the love of the 7 feet giant is. But as of 2024, the All-Star NBA player has given his heart to the love of his life Jessica Olson.

In this story, we will share all about Jessica and Nowtizki’s story.

So, let’s start.

Meet Jessica Olson: Nowitzki’s Wife

Jessica Olson was born in Sweden on June 19, 1978. So as of now (2024) Olson is 45 years old and has a height of about 5 ft 6 inches. Olson’s father is from Sweden and her mother is from Kenya.

Jessica had two younger brothers named Marcus and Martin. Both brothers are professional soccer players in England. Jessica and her younger brothers were born and raised in Sweden.

Olson was just an ordinary girl Living in Sweden before Nowitzki got into a relationship with her. Olson had completed her high school education at a private school and had graduated from Poland University.

Olson has only risen to fame after her relationship with the former NBA star player Nowitzki. But prior to that, she worked a 9-5 job at an art gallery. She earned a decent salary while working for the Art gallery. But after marrying the NBA star, she quit her job and co-founded an organization with her husband Nowitzki.

Olson is a humanitarian and is known to work for the betterment of poor children. The couple has been seen in all games and events of Nowitzki. We could find only one social media profile of Jessica, but unfortunately, the Instagram profile is private. Luckily, Nowitzki shares the couple’s photo regularly on his official Instagram posts.

How Did Nowitzki Meet Olson?

How the couple got together is actually a funny story. Nowitzki has often been trolled in charities. And as such, the NFL player was tricked into raising his hands during an auction to donate a huge chunk of money for a Ronaldo Diaz painting.

Nowitzki went to the Dallas Art gallery to raise money for the Ronaldo Diaz Painting for a charity event for SEED (Sports for Education and Economic Development). The player met Jessica Olson at the same art gallery.

Some even speculate that Nowitzki knew Oslon before this event and only went to the art gallery to ask her out on a date. But we could not find any real evidence of this rumor.

Nowitzki said in a 2017 interview that she fell in love with Olson because of her attractiveness. But a bigger factor that worked in the favor of their relationship was that the pair just clicked intellectually. This paired with the fact that Olson had two brothers who were also athletes like Nowitzki made this a match made in the heavens.

Olson and Nowitzki’s Black Controversies

Olson and Nowitzki’s Black Controversies

Nowitzki and Olson were first seen publicly in 2011 when Nowitzki took Olson to his ESPYS awards ceremony. Although the couple was never really concerned about their race and skin color. The huge response of the public about their relationship was definitely based on their racial identities as Olson was ‘Dark’ skinned.

Although the flood of Twitter comments was not really negative or hurtful to the couple, the comments mostly were concerned with their races and the fans were awed as the German-based basketball player got a date who was.

The couple never really bothered with the Twitter comments as they went on with their merry ways. Although, when asked, Nowitzki answered that he never really cared to read the tweets and he was happy to be with Jessica. The athlete said that color or race never really mattered to him because he grew up with people from different races and that was all normal to him and the fuss on Twitter was unnecessary.

Did Nowitzki Have to Choose from Six Girls to Get Married?

To the ones who don’t know, Nowitzki’s wedding may seem like a bizarre experience. The German-born basketball player wedded the love of his life in July 2012 in Germany and Kenya following their traditional style of wedding.

The couple had married in Kenya following the Kikuyu style of wedding respecting Olson’s tradition.  Following the tradition, the couple and their families sit together and discuss the dowry. Following this discussion, both the bride and groom wore the traditional dress of Kenya and went through a ceremony.

In the ceremony, the millionaire athlete had to choose from 6 women, one of whom was his wife. If Nowitzki was not able to choose correctly, he might have been punished by giving a goat to Olson’s parents. Although a goat doesn’t seem much for the NBA All-star player, it holds great sentimental and traditional value for both Olson and Nowitzki.

Dirk Nowitzki’s Family: How Many Children Do Nowitzki and Olson Have?

Dirk Nowitzki’s Family

The sweet couple had started a beautiful family. The couple already has given birth to three children including a girl and two boys.

The couple first gave birth to their beautiful daughter in 2013, Malaika Nowitzki. Then the couple had two more sons named Max and Morris Nowitzki in 2015 and 16 respectively.

The couple’s biracial children often move back and forth to Kenya, Germany, and Dallas to get their ties stronger with their roots.

How Much is Olson and Nowitzki’s Net Worth?

As we said, Olson was not known much before Nowitzki’s relationship with her. Thus her net worth only is not been disclosed yet. On the other hand, Nowitzki is a very famous and achieved NBA player. As of 2024, Nowtizki has a net worth of approximately $140 million.

Nowitzki was earning $25 million each season being the 13th wealthiest NBA player. Olson also earned a handsome amount of money before her marriage to Nowitzki. But being the wife of a millionaire NBA player, we can only assume the lavish lifestyle of Olson.

Ending Thoughts

To conclude this romantic love story, the 7 ft tall giant NBA all-star player Nowitzki is married to the love of his life Jessica Olson. Their love story is like a match made in the heavens as they met accidentally at an art gallery and this journey ended up with them being married.

The couple also married following their ancestral tradition. In the 13 long years of relationship, the couple also brought 3 beautiful children into the world who the internet adores.

We congratulate these lovebirds and hope the best for their future.

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