Who Is Kevin Samuels’ Wife? Life & Death Of Youtube Loveguru

Who is Kevin Samuels wife

There’s a good chance that at a certain point in your life while searching for solutions about your crumbling love-life, you’ve come across this individual named Kevin Samuels. Always being in the center of controversial news & social media posts, Samuels has never disappointed the gossip media even one bit.

From problematic statements to even his death, everything has always been wrapped around rumors as if that’s the force that drove him into his actions. And from all the mixture of truths and lies, there remains one question that even the biggest pundits often fail to answer: Who Is Kevin Samuels Wife?

This article here vows to dig deeper into this inquiry and attempts to find the answer (if any) to this with viable sources. And on this journey, our experts uncover some of the unexplored territories of Samuels’ life to speculate the likelihood of who his wife (or wives) might be.

Who Is Kevin Samuels?

Who is Kevin Samuels

For those of you who don’t know him, Kevin Samuels is a jack of all trades – a Youtube loveguru, consultant and social media influencer who became infamous for his controversial statement against women. He was born on March 13, 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States and had a knack for guiding companies driving into success.

Samuels had graduated college in Chemical Engineering and that was the field he had initially started his career in. Eventually due to his charisma & people skills, he shifted his focus on human-centered interaction as a business developer and later on as a sales person in media firms.

In all of his off-screen fields Samuels had received great success. Due to his skills, he conveniently became an asset to every field he had worked in and had drawn in a large number of clients single-handedly.

It’s assumed that due to such success, Samuels initially realized his potential with people and believed he needed a medium through which he’d be able to reach a broader crowd. With that notion in mind, Samuels opened his Youtube channel back in 2015 and started his show & podcasts in 2016.

Despite the love-hate relationship with his viewers, Samuels ended up with 1.49 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, which is still growing even after his passing away.

Is Kevin Samuels Married?

Now we arrive at our money question to find out whether Samuels had actually been married. Even though he had been a well-known loveguru, he kept his personal life highly secret due to unknown reasons. Some claim that he’s had so many overlapping relationships that it would’ve been a trouble for him if he had ever chosen to make a public statement.

According to The Sun, it is rumored that he had been married twice, both of which ended in divorce. Back in 2021, some fans allegedly claimed that Samuels has been in a romantic entanglement with the Instagram influencer @sixthegoddis, but any valid proof of it is yet to be found out.

There had also been claims that a young woman announced herself to be the daughter of Samuels, but her facts didn’t stand and the internet dismissed her demand soon after.

Kevin Samuels Death

Kevin Samuels death

The news of Kevin Samuels’ death is another news that started off seemingly like a hoax and had given birth to online rages & arguments. It’s saddening that even his own mother received the initial news from such sources and had dismissed it at early stages.

But eventually it was disclosed that the Youtube love guru had indeed passed away, for reasons unknown and the medical professionals awaited autopsy report to confirm the cause behind his demise. He was 57 at his time of death according to The New York Times, and it took more than necessary effort to confirm that the deceased individual was indeed Kevin Samuels.

Controversial Statements

Despite his reputation as a love guru who offers valid pathways for ones who have fallen out of love, his wisdom wasn’t received positively across the listeners all around. The Guardian regarded his advice as equivalent to ‘chewing broken glass’ because of the nature of his statements. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

For starters, his misogynistic & chauvinistic notions had surfaced numerous times in his different Youtube videos. In one, he is heard saying that women should let men use them, or that women find men who cheat more attractive than the ones that don’t.

A person sitting on his expensive desk wearing a fine suit & branded glasses telling women what they are & what they aren’t shouldn’t generally receive any validation. But he did nonetheless, but at the same time there had been protesters whose goals had been to bring him down.

He claimed that black women over 35 years of age are useless due to having children out of marriage, and it is understandable why his news of death hadn’t been received with sympathy. A portion of the internet seemed to have celebrated this news and it left a lot of people shocked to witness such a level of loathing for a person who had passed away.

Nonetheless, we in no way condoned his controversial statements and he should’ve been called out to the public due to such statements had he been alive right now.


Let’s take a look at a summarized biography of Kevin Samuels to have a better insight into his life and form a better conception at a glance.

Full Name Kevin Roshon Samuels
Date of Birth 13 March 1965
Date of Death 5 May 2022
Education Chemical Engineer, from University of Oklahoma
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Youtube Subscribers 1.49 million
Net Worth $3M
Height 74 in (188 cm)
Relationship Status Single (before death)


It’s shocking & saddening that a human being has passed away at such an early age, and the celebration of his death is something not worth appreciating. However, it is alarming at the same time that millions of his viewers actually support his misogynist thoughts & ideas about women, and relish in performing such practise in everyday life.

We urge you to not solely focus on ‘who is Kevin Samuels wife’, rather take a look at what he’s been teaching you. Ask your moral compass whether his lessons are valid, and ponder over the thought if you should actually need an influencer to tell you how to treat women.

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