Is Patrick Beverley’s Wife Mandana Bolourchi?

Who is Patrick Beverley’s Wife

Patrick Beverly is a Chicago Bulls player for the NBA who is famous for being a 3-time All-Defensive team member. Beverly is one of the most sensational players who many fans have eyes on.

So fans are eager to know about Beverly’s personal life and who she is dating. In today’s story, we’ll share all we know about who Patrick is dating and possibly, who he is married to. But before diving into his love life, why not talk about Patrick’s life and career for a bit?

Let’s begin.

Patrick Beverley: A Short Introduction

Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is an American basketball player in the NBA playing for the Chicago Bulls. Prior to playing professional basketball, he played in his college for the Arkansan’s Razorbacks.

He was born in Illinois on July 12, 1988. He is very close to his parents as he often spends time with them. His parents and sister Maya Beverley often visit his games in the NBA to cheer for him.

Later, in 2013, the 6′ 2″ basketball player had joined The Huston Rockets, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Los Angeles Lakers. Finally, he signed with the Chicago Bulls this season in 2024.

Throughout his playthroughs, with all these teams his playstyle was very physical. And for many of the games, the player was summoned to court due to his intense interactions with other players. This beast of a player is 3 times NBA All-Defensive Team member.

He also acted in the documentary film Hoop Reality in 2007. Later he also had a role in the unofficial sequel of Hoop Dreams.

In his professional basketball career, the player has massed a lot of popularity. He has gained a follower base of 437.6K Followers on Twitter and 640k followers on Instagram, both on which he regularly posts updates about his life.

Who is Patrick Beverley’s Wife? Meet Mandana Bolourchi

Patrick Beverley is a very openly public figure. The NBA player shares his stories and his day-to-day life on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The player does not shy away to show off his love life and his family life.

The athlete has been in countless relationships with many women. But he has never shied away from showing off his partners to the world. He has allegedly dated Nina Montega, Amber Spencer, Lira Galore, and Alexis Marie.

So is Patrick Beverley married? The answer would be no, Beverley is not in a marital relationship with anyone. But he is in a long-term loyal relationship with his girlfriend Mandana Bolourchi.

Is Beverley Married to Mandana?

Is Beverley Married to Mandana

Although Patrick Beverly is not married, he has been living together happily with his long-term girlfriend Mandana Bolourchi. The couple shares their days together and shares their photos and updates on their individual Instagram pages. They also support each other’s profession and personal decisions.

The couple has been together since 2021 and has often posted their relationship updates on their social media. They even openly hosted a party for their one-year anniversary. But prior to that, not much is known of the couple as they did not share how they met and how they got together. We just know that the couple has been together since 2021 and has been very supportive of each other throughout the relationship.

Bolourchi is a very famous Instagram influencer and has a big collection of Rolls Royce. Mandana is very attractive and has 604k followers on Instagram due to her dashing looks. Over the years, Mandana has also managed to become one of the biggest fashion Instagram influencers in the world.

But from what we know, Patrick and Bolourchi are actually planning to marry soon. But if they decide to tie their wedding knot, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Who is Mandana Bolourchi?

Who is Mandana Bolourchi

Mandana’s birthday is on March 30, 1994, and as of 2024, she is 28 years old. Bolourchi was born in Iran, but her family had brought her up in several countries in Dubai, Europe, and Los Angeles. Perhaps to her constant moving around in her childhood, she is very fond of traveling and travels around a lot across the world.

She was brought up by an affluent and educated family leading her to a very good education. The Instagram influencer is also a philanthropist and an investor. She opened several charities and humanitarian institutions in the middle east and has helped many who were the subject of domestic abuse or of fatal genetic diseases.

But the famous girlfriend of the NBA defender is not only beautiful but she’s also got the brains. She has completed her master’s in Interior Design. And it is through her constant moving around and traveling, Bolourchi has got inspired by the different arts around the world.

The Instagram sensation started by sketching, playing the piano, and later started sketching interior designs. This got her interested in Interior design and pushed her to later get a degree in the field.

She is not only famous on Instagram, rather she is a very influential fashion figure more popularly known in the middle east. In 2017, she was named the Best Dressed Woman in the Middle East.

Due to her fashion influence in the Middle East, she has often partnered up with or was endorsed by fashion brands such as Dolce and Gabbana.

Do Bolourchi and Patrik Have Any Children?

Do Bolourchi and Patrik Have Any Children

The 6′ 2″ Chicago Bulls defender Patrik is actually really sweet with his family. The player has a son and a daughter. He posts photos of her kids on a regular basis on Instagram and they look cute on his Instagram feed.

Mandana on the other hand likes to keep her personal life private and only shows off her interior design ideas and her glamorous lifestyle on Instagram. From what we know, Mandana was Married to Mostafa Ansari. And the couple had 2 children together. But they do not live with Mandana anymore.

But none of Patrick Beverley’s children are with Mandana. Rather, Patrick’s older daughter Adlaia was born to Nina Montega in 2007 and her other daughter Everett was born to Tumeka Williams.

Patrick had been in past relationships with Montega and Williams but was never married to any of the women.

Beverley’s older daughter, Adlaia is a model and an Instagram influencer. But she does not reveal her personal information on the internet. Beverley’s other child, his son Everett is 15 years old and is an athlete.

So, no, Beverley and Mandana do not have any children together. But the couple loves Beverley’s two kids as their own and has a very good relationship with them.

Bolourchi: A Short Bio

Before summing up Bolourchi and Patrick’s story, let’s take a look at some information on Bolourchi at a glance.

Full Name Mandana Bolourchi
Birthday March 30, 1994
Birth Place Iran
Height 5’7’’
Weight 58 kg
Living Place California
Married? No, In a relationship

What is The Net Worth of Bolourchi?

Mandana promotes herself as an entrepreneur and with her looks and fashion sense has become an internet sensation. She earns a lot from her ventures and has accumulated a net worth of around 5 million US dollars. She earns around $80 to $85k as a salary.

On the other hand, his long-time boyfriend has a net worth of $13 million with a contract of $801,614 for the Chicago Bulls per season.

Summing Up

To sum up, Patrick Beverley is an absolute heartthrob as he has dated several women over the years. The athlete also has 2 children together with two of his past relationships. But he was always open about his relationships as he showed off his girlfriends on his social media.

But now Patrick is in a loyal and long-term relationship with Mandana Bolourchi for 2 years and rumor has it that they are gonna be married soon. So if you want to be the first to hear about the story of their marriage keep your eyes glued to our website for updates.

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