What Is Yo Gotti Net Worth In 2023? Lifetime Earnings Calculated In Detail

What Is Yo Gotti net worth

All the American rap followers find Yo Gotti to be a very familiar face since the mid 90s up until this day due to his contributions to the genre as both a rap artist and a record executive. Complex has nanded Yo Gotti among one of the thirteen rappers under the banner ‘The King of the City’ to prominently spread their work from hip-hop Meccas.

In his long career within the scene, many people and fans had found themselves with many questions regarding this iconic superstar. While many had been answered, many remained a mystery till date, and one such query is the Yo Gotti net worth. We have however estimated his worth to be firmly placed around $16 million, with a yearly income of over a million US dollars.

If you want to know in-depth about how we’ve reached this conclusion about his worth, you must take a journey through his life’s work. And you’d be happy to know that we’ve briefly covered every important detail working toward this estimation for you in this very article. So swipe & read till the very end to gather a much better knowledge on Yo Gotti and his worth in 2023.

Who Is Yo Gotti?

Who Is Yo Gotti

If you belong to the category who don’t know who Yo Gotti is or why he is precisely famous for, have no worry because we are going to cover the basics right in this section. Born with the name Mario Sentell Giden Mims, Yo Gotti’ birthday resides on May 19, 1981 and his birthplace is in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

Like many other successful rap artists, Yo Gotti too goes by more than one stage name, a couple of which are Lil Yo and Big Gotti. Lil Yo is initially the name he opted for when he started rapping back in 1996 and released his first album titled Youngsta’s On a Come Up with this particular name.

As the years progressed and Yo Gotti gained popularity among rap enthusiasts, he took up the remaining aliases mentioned previously to go with the trend and flow of music that he produced. His latest album CM10: Free Game was released earlier in 2022 with guest appearances from a number of revered rap artists. Along with performing, Yo Gotti has established his territory as a successful record executive with his Collective Music Group record label, more on that later.

Yo Gotti’s Childhood

Yo Gotti spent his childhood deep down the northern portion of Memphis, a place residing into the common ghetto area of the south. His life was no more different than the next black person living under economically difficult circumstances. With no mode of proper income and deprivation from the society that looked down upon the ghetto population, Yo Gotti’s life had been nothing but a challenging one at each step.

He was brought up in a family of hustlers and it was a common mode of survival in that area. Gotti was also involved in this mix at early stages in his life. But the only good thing that has happened to him from hustling is that he began his rapping career from this practice, which is truly remarkable and inspiring for generations even to this day.

His first album that we’ve mentioned earlier is the one he released underground during his earlier years. People in the neighborhood went crazy over it, and his hustler skills allowed him to promote it even more. A small distributor company funded his following tape titled Dope Game to the Rap Game, an album containing songs that are very personal to Yo Gotti sold like hotcakes after release.

From that point onward, Gotti was astounded to find himself next to big names in the rap game of Memphis and featured in prominent magazine covers frequently. From that large success with his personal attempts, he never had to look back for a single day and his talent carried him onward to his new musical ventures.

Career Summary

Yo Gotti career summary

Yo Gotti’s career can be divided into three solid stages based on his involvement and success in the rap arena. The primary phase lasted from his inception to 2006, during which he released independent albums in his locality with DJ sound and music crew supporting him on his ventures. These songs are mostly connected to his life’s experience in the Memphis area and all of it began at his age of 14.

The middle-passage of his career can be marked between the four years of 2009 and 2012. This phase saw Yo Gotti release his debut studio album with a major record label titled Live From The Kitchen. The original singles from this album had been released earlier in this period and they ranked highly in the Hot 100, U.S R&B and U.S Rap lists. The album peaked at 12 on the US Billboard 200 with a record-breaking sale after its release.

The final phase of his career started from 2013 and it’s continuing until this day. The most remarkable feat of this part of his career is his record label company’s founding, along with his new singles ranking high up on the prominent charts. This tenure saw Yo Gotti work with the likes of Jay Z, Lil Wayne and many top league rappers. He broke the Billboard record with a fourth consecutive top 10 debut in the Billboard 200 chart.

Net Worth In 2023: Yo Gotti

As you’ve made your journey through the successful career path of Yo Gotti since 1996, you now have a greater depth of understanding his potential of earnings. After working with so many top recording labels, high profile artists, founding his own company and record-breaking sales with topping charts, it’s not a surprise that Yo Gotti’s worth is so high up in millions.

To restate our claim, Yo Gotti net worth in 2023 is $16 million, with continuous flow of money entering his account because he’s still active in the world of music. His collaborations as well as solo albums always land him grand success, and we hope to see his worth crank up significantly in the future with more triumphant releases.

Personal Life

Yo Gotti personal life

In his personal life, Yo Gotti has been married twice but has managed to keep the details quite private in both the cases. Investigators however have collected information on his spouses. His first marriage took place way back in 1989 with Lakeisha Mims. The duo had two children together and parted their ways after failing to make it work. It’s still a mystery how long they had been together as mentioned by The Sun.

Years later Yo Gotti tied the knot with Jammie Moses. The details of the wedding are still unknown to the general public. With Moses, Yo Gotti bore three children and it’s currently unclear if the two are still legally married. Because Yo Gotti was recently seen dating the model Yaya Sandoval which they disclosed via an Instagram post.

Awards & Honors

Yo Gotti awards & honors

Throughout his musical career, Yo Gotti has broken numerous records and it’s a reflection of the standard he was able to produce his music on. Apart from these records, he had been nominated for in total of four prestigious awards in his career and they are as follows:

His first nomination came in 2014 with his I Am album, which had been picked as a candidate for the ‘Album of the Year’ award. Then later in 2017 he received three separate nominations in the categories of ‘Best Collabo, Duo or Group’, ‘Best Mixtape’ and ‘Rhythm & Bars Award’. These identification of his dedication and creation confirms the talent that this individual possesses within himself.


In this section, we’ll take a quick look at Yo Gotti’s personal overview to understand this rap artist better than before. A glance at this section will allow you to develop a basic conception of his life.

Stage Name Yo Gotti
Real Name Mario Sentell Giden Mims
Alternate Names Lil Yo, Big Gotti
Date of Birth May 19, 1981
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net Worth $16M
Height 170 cm (66 in)


Now that you’ve reached the concluding mark of this article, you can claim with absolute certainty that you now carry a broader knowledge on Yo Gotti’s life as well as his net worth. Set at $16 million, I hope you can fully understand why he is estimated at such a high amount after taking a thorough journey through his decorous career of musical records and success stories.

Although not much of his personal life details could not be salvaged, we believe his individual success in the professional area is more than sufficient for us to justify our verdict regarding Yo Gotti net worth. His life and work is an elaborate story of fighting against all the odds to come out on top with something that you’re passionate about. We hope all of us will carry this lesson out from this iconic superstar’s captivating story.

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