Zac Stacy Net Worth 2023: Weighing the Exceptional Assets of The Ex-NFL Running Back!

Zac Stacy net worth

The story of Zac Stacy could’ve been as promising as his career as a professional NFL player. However, these days, he’s mostly notable for being one of the very many athletes that let fame go to their heads.

Prior to being exposed as an abuser and facing 2 felony charges, Zac Stacy was known for his abilities on the pitch. Despite being slightly below average in terms of size, Zac excelled as a running back throughout high school, and although he didn’t receive plenty of offers for his talents in college, the compelling amount of skills that he showed at the 2013 NFL Combine landed him a spot in the 2013 NFL Draft, and also propelled the fame and fortune that he attained.

Currently, the former NFL star has an estimated net worth of $6 million, which, in addition to his somewhat underwhelming NFL career, exists solely due to the endorsement deals that he has. However, if you’re looking for a place that will reveal just how the 31 year old earned every cent, make sure to carry on to get the best scoop about Zac Stacy, his net worth, and his current status!

Studying the Current Net Worth of Former Running Back Zac Stacy

Net worth of Zac Stacy

As of 2023, Zac Stacy, former running back of the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams has a net worth of approximately $6 million.

When Zac was drafted by St. Louis Rams, it is believed that he had accepted a 4-year contract. According to Spotrac, on top of earning approximately  $2.3 million over the course of 4 years, the then 22 year-old received around $176,000 as a signing bonus.

When the Rams secured the selection of promising running back Todd Gurley in the spring of 2015, Zac handed in a transfer request and was later picked up by renowned underdogs, New York Jets. Although the veteran was past his prime and never got the chance to show just how talented he was around that time due to suffering a broken ankle, Zac did secure a deal that earned him around $1.7 million on an annual basis, over the course of 2 years. However, after failing his physical in July, 2016, Zac was waived by the Jets, and only ended up collecting half of what the contract had offered.

Shortly after announcing his retirement in 2017, running back Zac Stacy came out of retirement and signed with CFL top dogs and 4-time Gray Cup winners, Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2018. Although the official payout was never revealed to the public eye, Zac secured a five-figure paycheck during that one year spell.

In addition to being a representative of Saskatchewan Roughriders, Zac Stacy also had a brief spell with AAF franchise, Memphis Express. While the league ceases to exist as of 2023, Zac played a small sum of 8 games right before the association came to an end.

On top of earning a considerable sum as an athlete, Zac Stacy also earned a handsome amount as a youth football ambassador of TransPerfect City Music Bowl, before he was ultimately removed in 2021 due to his vile acts.

In conclusion, even though Zac Stacy was surely not the prospect that he could have been as an NFL player, and never really secured a net worth as big as former colleague Ryan Fitzpatrick, the notorious running back’s net worth of $6 million isn’t just a fact, but also extremely surprising. It was also revealed by a unanimous source that he currently nets over $250,000 on an annual basis, despite being in deep waters.

High School Career

Zac Stacy high school career

Stacy went to Bibb County High School, where he was a four-year starter. As a junior, he often played as a quarterback, but also played as a running back and wide receiver. For his remarkable performance as a junior, he received the Division 4A Player of The Year Award, First Team 4A All-State honors, and was an Honorable Mention ASWA All-State.

His skills got better with age, since he carried Bibb County to the second round of the 4A state playoffs as a senior. He also added under his belt multiple individual accolades, and was even named Division 4A Player of the Year.

Despite putting on a show for the fans and carrying his high school team on multiple occasions, Stacy’s 5’9 stature held him back from receiving multiple scholarship offers. In the end, while colleges like Alabama, Kentucky, and Ole Miss were interested to invest in his talents, two schools offered a scholarship to him: Vanderbilt and UAB.

College Career

Zac Stacy ultimately chose to commit to Vanderbilt, and made his first start as a collegiate athlete against Western Carolina when he replaced an injured Jared Hawkins. While the freshman set new school records, his potential was ultimately hampered due to injuries throughout the year. However, despite not being able to live up to his potential, Zac finished the year as the team’s second-leading rusher.

His sophomore year was just as explosive as the season he had as a freshman. He was the leading running back on the team, and was a productive offensive force during every game. However, injuries haunted him once again, and this time, it got to his head, literally! The head injury kept him out until the end of that year, but didn’t stop him from securing the second-leading rusher of his team once again.

After dealing with a series of unfortunate events throughout the first two seasons, Stacy finally got his breakthrough as a student athlete during his third year, in which he received Vanderbilt’s MVOP (Most Valuable Offensive Player) award.

During his final year as a student-athlete, on top of setting new records for his school and as a varsity footballer, Zac Stacy graduated with a degree in Special Education on behalf of younger brother Justin Stacy, who has Autism.

Professional Career

Zac Stacy professional career

After putting on a show at the 2013 NFL Combine, Zac Stacy was selected by St. Louis Rams in the fifth round as the 160th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. He had initially signed a four-year contract worth around $2.2 million, but only represented the team for the first two years.

As a player of St. Louis Rams, his career was somewhat underwhelming and rather consistent. Even though he did flourish on certain occasions, lack of play time rendered him incapable from showing his actual potential in addition to minor injuries.

After sending in a trade request in 2015, Zac was picked up by the New York Jets. His contribution to the team wasn’t as monumental nor noteworthy. Additionally, Zac also broke his ankle during a game in November, 2015, which kept him out for quite some time.

He was later waived by the Jets in July 2016 after failing his physical, and eventually announced his retirement the following year due to being injury prone and to spend more time with his brother, Justin.

Trivial Facts About Zac Stacy: Height, Weight, Wife, and More!

Since he’s a former student and professional athlete, the fact of him being a 5’9 running back is already out in the open. However, make sure to go through the table below to learn even more about ex-NFL prodigy and convict, Zac Stacy!

Name Zachary Latrell Stacy
Also Known As Zac Stacy
D.O.B April 9, 1991 (31 Years Old)
Sex Male
Hometown Centreville, Alabama, USA
Height 5’9 (1.75m)
Weight 224lb (101kg)
Relationship Status Single
Ex-Girlfriend Kristin Evans
Children 1
Net Worth 6 Million USD
Zodiac Aries
Occupation Former NFL, AAF, CFL Player
Career Information
High School Bibb County High School (Centreville, Alabama)
College Vanderbilt (2009 – 2012)
NFL 2013/ Round 5/ Pick: 150/ St. Louis Rams
Years Active 2013-2019

Personal Life and Domestic Violence Incident

Zachary Latrell Stacy, also known as Zac Stacy was born on April 9, 1991 in Centreville, Alabama, USA. While his father’s identity remains a mystery to this day, his mother’s name is Barbara Stacy. Zac is also the eldest child of the family, and shares a loving relationship with his younger brother, Justin Stacy, who is the youngest of the family and was born in 2000. Just like his big brother, Justin also aspires to be a varsity athlete.

Zac’s love life remained unknown until 2021, when footage of Zac assaulting his then-girlfriend Kristin Evans was released all over social media by various news outlets. In the video, Zac was seen ragdolling his ex-girlfriend in their living room, that too in front of their 5-month old son.

Once the material hit renowned social networking platforms, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office paid Zac’s home in Florida a visit in hopes of arresting him, but later found out that he had already gone into hiding. A day later, on November 19, Zac was found and arrested in Orlando. When interrogated by the cops, he tried to convince them into believing that the attack was “staged”, and expressed how she was just getting vengeance for their breakup.

On top of facing 2 felony charges for the assault in November, 2021, Zac was hit with 3 more misdemeanor domestic violence battery charges and 2 misdemeanor criminal mischief charges for another reported assault against the mother of his then-5 month old son, which took place in August of the same year. He was later sent to Orange County jail and sentenced to 15 years in prison. The trial of this case has yet to take place as of September, 2022 due to multiple delays.

Bottom Line

Although former-NFL stocky running back Zac Stacy could have had monumental career as an athlete, his antics outside the pitch, in addition to all the injuries that he sustained throughout his career as a professional athlete stunted his growth, fame, and fortune. Regardless, his net worth, which currently stands at $6 million, is still something that can’t be disregarded as an impressive feat.

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